Have you tried planning? Do you feel like your easy distractability keeps you from making plans that you can stick to? Do you have ADHD, autism or other issues that make planning difficult

Welcome to the Easily Distracted Planner Youtube Channel. I'm Rosa, I have both ADHD and autism, and over time I've developed many different strategies to make planning easier or at least more manageable. I'm a professional full-time author of romance novels, I run my own publishing company and I'll have to admit to loving to learn about new planner methods.

On this channel, I will share a range of videos, from Plan With Me videos that show my weekly or monthly (or daily potentially) planning to more specific videos on different topics like planning, managing your work and time, making a better work place for you and other ADHD, autism or other related videos.


Here are some of my Plan With Me videos:


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