Feathers and Microphones 5


“Everything for the band, right?”
Florian is gone, leaving Seth and the band behind. He takes on a new identity and starts living on the fringes of the human world. He follows the band’s progress online, but stays as far away from them as possible. Until a man hangs up a poster next to him at a bar, a poster for a birthday concert from Seth’s band, a concert for Seth’s birthday, in two days.

Ever since Florian left, Seth has been focusing on his music, on his career. Anything to stop him from facing reality, anything to stop him from thinking. The birthday concert is just another gig, another meeting with the fans. But when he performs the new song he has been working on, and opens his eyes, suddenly nothing else exists but that one person in the crowd…


Release Date:
26 July 2016

Pages: 50 pages (estimated from ebook version)

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I sit back at the back of the bar, the people around me doing their own thing, I’m just one in the crowd. When I left Seth, I left the city, county, almost the country, but even for me, that went a bit too far. It’s been four weeks since I walked out of that meeting. I dumped my phone in the first trashcan I came across, changed my name and left everything behind. Going rogue, going off the grid, it’s what I’ve always been taught to do, and it comes as a second nature to me. Leaving one identity behind and taking on another, there is nothing more freeing than that. Unless… it isn’t. Not now. Everything in me screams to go back, to get back to Seth.

My eyes fall on a poster that someone is putting up on the board next to me. In the middle of the poster is my beautiful purple haired front man, his eyes fierce and his body wrapped in that beautiful corset of his.

I tap the shoulder of the man who is putting up the poster. “I didn’t know they were doing a concert here.” Okay, so I may have been following them on social media. I may have left Seth behind, but I can’t stray from him too much, even when I’m cities away from him.

“Yeah, last minute thing. It seems the manager thought it would be a good birthday present to the vocalist and the guitarist, so it’s been kept under wraps.” The man shrugs. “To be honest, if they perform like they have lately… I don’t know how many more tours they will be going on. The whole thing with the picture and then suddenly the vocalist starts singing off key and forgetting lyrics. You can tell something is going on.” He looks up at the poster. “Maybe even drugs, I don’t know.”

I can’t help the huff that leaves me.

The man looks at me now. “With how often that happens in the industry, I wouldn’t be surprised. Honestly, if you want to go see them. Go to this one, or you may never have the chance again.” He nods and then leaves me behind.

Drugs? I don’t think so. Though… what do I know? I just know that since I’ve left Seth that my wings have not changed, not for the better or for the worse. So I assume there isn’t any drugs involved, at least not of the type that would make him self-destruct.

I down my beer and take a picture of the location of the concert. The concert is in two days, which means that there is a chance that they’re actually already in town. And my curiosity won’t be satisfied until I’ve seen Seth. It’s stupid, I know, I left him, but just knowing he’s so close makes me want to see him.

I check Seth’s and the band’s social media, hoping to find some distinguishing features that tell me where they are. But it’s all roads and hotels and nothing is familiar to me. I guess I need to do this the old-fashioned way. I’ll hunt down a list of hotels that would satisfy their needs and I’ll have to go by them one by one.

Winged is the fifth story in the Feathers and Microphones serial.


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