Valentine at the Lunar Pack

Lunar Pack 3 extra


Sam doesn’t feel like going home this Valentine’s Day. This will be the first time in years he won’t spend it with his lover, and Alpha of the pack, Clyde, and his new lover, Roy, hasn’t shown any clues that he has something planned either.
But as he walks into the house he is blindfolded and led to the bedroom, there he finds Roy, an unknown man and a camera.

This might turn out to be a good Valentine’s Day yet.


Release Date:
5 February 2015

Pages: 20 pages (estimated from ebook version)

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Available in the Netherlands/Belgium:
Only through international stores






I pull my jacket on tighter as I walk towards the front door. Nothing, I haven’t heard anything from either of my men, and today is Valentine’s Day. I’m disappointed, this is the first time in years that this has happened. My lover for years, Clyde, is called away on business and Roy, our next door neighbour until last summer, doesn’t seem to have any interest in the special day at all. Really, the first year where I have two lovers, and now they both aren’t celebrating it. I go through my pockets, trying to find my keys. I guess I’ll spend this evening with a bottle of wine and binge watching some TV show, better than nothing. I can make my Valentine’s Day into something I like, even when I can’t share it with others.

I find my keys and put them in the lock, turning them and opening the door. The house is quiet. I guess Roy isn’t even home yet. I close the door behind me, but as it falls into the lock my world goes dark.

Someone is covering my eyes with their hands. I try to wiggle free, but the hand and the chest I’m pulled against feel familiar. “Stay still,” Roy whispers in my ear. “Keep your eyes closed.”

I stay as still as possible, not moving, apart from maybe the front of my jeans. A surprise present I didn’t expect, those are the best. Maybe someone else in our relationship likes romantic holidays after all.

Roy slips something over my eyes and knots it at the back of my head. “There, this way it will be even more fun.” He slips me out of my jacket and after a few seconds I feel him at my back again. “Let’s get up the stairs.”

Roy steers me towards the stairs and I slowly walk up, his hands still on my back. I knew there was a reason why I fell for this man.

Valentine at the Lunar Pack is an extra story in the Lunar Pack serial.


1. Party at the Lunar Pack 2. Mated by the Lunar Pack 3. Shifted at the Lunar Pack This story: 3 extra. Valentine at the Lunar Pack 4. Found by the Lunar Pack


Included in: Lunar Pack Box Set

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