Shifted at the Lunar Pack

Lunar Pack 3


Felix expects to spend spend the full moon with his two best friends, his pack mates, like he does every month. What he doesn’t expect is to find Sam with another man, Roy, and for Clyde to be away from home.
When he hears what happened between Sam and Roy and why Clyde won’t be joining them that evening, he is furious. At the same time, it also emphasises how he is still alone.
It’s the evening of the full moon, the first full moon for Roy. Tonight will tell if he really is mated to Clyde and Sam. If he can get over the hurdle of his first change, that is.

Felix isn’t happy that his friends didn’t tell him what was going on, but that doesn’t stop him from helping a new werewolf change for the first time.

Is Roy really fated to Clyde and Sam? And will there still be a place for Felix in their lives?


Release Date:
10 February 2015

Pages: 32 pages (estimated from ebook version)

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I walk through the large front garden of Clyde and Sam’s new home, the sunlight and shadows through the trees and leaves showing a playful spectacle, though I can imagine how it can turn sinister in the dark. I’ve been here only once before, when they were still moving things into the house, mansion, yes, mansion. This is too big to even be considered anything else. I walk up to the door, the dark wood intimidating.

It feels weird having to knock. I haven’t knocked on the door of Sam and Clyde’s house in years. Normally I just slip in, with my own key. But they just moved here and didn’t have a spare yet for me. I should ask for a key this time, should make it less weird next month.

Oh, I do hope they stocked beer in the house this time, I hate it when they only have wines and other fancy stuff. I’m not fancy, none of us were back in college, back when we all met.

I knock the door again, louder this time. Are the guys not in yet? It’s after five, at least Sam is usually in around this time. I get impatient, knocking a rhythm on the door while I wait. I hear stumbling inside and Sam opens the door, his jeans on, but still open, and his hair all ruffled and spiked. He looks at me, confused, and then blinks, flushing a pretty shade of pink. His mouth opens, ready to say something.

“Sam, who is at the door?” A male voice that I don’t recognise calls from the living room.

Sam looks back, the blush deepening.

Barely dressed, mussed hair and out of breath? And on top of that, blushing? Was he doing naughty things with a man I don’t know? With a man he is hiding from me?

“I’m just a friend.” I call out as I step into the house, wrapping my arm around Sam and kissing him. His body moulding to mine immediately, the movements unconscious from years of habit.

He tries to hide a moan but I feel his body respond to the kiss and then I taste it, cum. Definitely playing hooky while he knew I was coming over today.

A broad man with skin the colour of dark caramel comes out of the living room, he leans against the frame, making himself as imposing as possible. He is wearing just a pair of plain light coloured boxers and I’m pretty happy with everything that is on view. No wonder Sam had forgotten I would come around today, I wouldn’t be able to think straight with a man like that around either.

“Hello, friend.” His voice rumbles slightly, not as deep as Clyde’s, but definitely on the lower end. “I’d appreciate it if we’d be introduced before you stick your tongue down my- Sam’s throat.” The man’s posture falters a moment. Oh, cute, possessive much? He’ll soon learn that Sam and Clyde are in no way exclusive when it comes to who they fuck.

“Roy, this is Felix, a friend from college.” Sam wriggles out of my grasp as he speaks.

“And sometimes fuck buddy.” I grin, but the man barely blinks at the extra information. Hm? Possessive, but not that possessive… Odd.

“Felix, this is Roy, he is… ehm… our next door neighbour.” Sam buttons up his jeans further, hiding his face from me as he speaks. “He is also staying here tonight.”

Tonight? I look at Sam and the guy, Roy, together, there is something going on. Sure, I’ve found Sam with guys before, regularly even, heck, I’ve found them on top and inside each other, though never before did Sam feel the need to hide this. But the dynamic is different this time, there is more than they’re telling me. “Where is Clyde?” I look around. Usually the guy is wherever Sam is.

“He ehm…” Sam still doesn’t look at me, instead shooting a quick glance at Roy. “He isn’t here right now. I don’t know if he will be tonight.”

“Not here tonight? Where is he?” Clyde is always together with Sam during full moons, always.

“Let’s discuss this elsewhere.” Sam finally looks at me, the blush slowly subsiding. “If you go to the back, the final door at he left. We’ll get dressed and join you soon.”

I shrug, I’m fine with whatever, as long as I get an explanation of what is going on. “Don’t get dressed on my behalf, I don’t mind the look.” I wink at Roy as I walk past him.

Shifted at the Lunar Pack is the third story in the Lunar Pack serial.


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Included in: Lunar Pack Box Set

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