Omega’s Wedding

Mated to the Alpha 6

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It’s almost the big day, Ethan and Max are getting married.

But it wouldn’t be them if they didn’t have quite a couple of hurdles to jump through before they reach the special “I do” moment.

Because before they start, Max has a very special gift for Ethan. Something that will change their lives forever.

And maybe, just maybe, it will heal Ethan too, let him come to terms with his own past.

Omega’s Wedding is the sixth story in the completed Mated to the Alpha serial, taking place in a paranormal Omegaverse world where shifters and humans live side by side. This serial has mpreg (male-pregnancy), steamy scenes and cliffhangers.


Release Date:
10 September 2015

Pages: 68 pages

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If you don’t want to buy through any of the international stores, this story is also available in the Netherlands and Belgium as part of Mated to the Alpha: Full Collection. This features all eight of the stories in Mated to the Alpha and is available in ebook or paperback.



Out of all the options, of all the possibilities, to get away from the media, Max chose the one I did not expect: he fled.

For the last couple of weeks, we have been locked up in a hotel, it’s out of season, so we had it all to ourselves.

After finding the articles online, we packed our bags and ran. We had to wade through the reporters at the gates, then again at the end of the street and even at the airport were people who wanted to snap pics of us. It was even worse than before.

Because a human who is mated to an Alpha? Well, that was interesting. A human male who might be impregnated by a male Alpha? That is once in a lifetime, once in a century, once in a… whatever. It was big.

So we fled. Out of all the options, this was the best for all of us. The pack could lead a life that sort of resembled normalcy, as long as there weren’t that many reporters and, with us not around the house, they wouldn’t bug them too much.

I spent a lot of time sitting in the sun, getting a nice tan, while Max was working hard inside. Because even though he wasn’t at the office, they still needed him for everything. But at least we could spend the evenings together.

Now, though, the weeks are over, in two days I’m getting married and we need to be back home for that, we want to be back home for that.

“Ethan?” Max runs his hand over my back. “We can come back here in the summer, if you want.”

I turn in his arms. “No, that is okay. I don’t think I can come back here and not remember these weeks.” I look up at him. “The media will be all over us when we get back.”

He smiles down at me and gives me a quick kiss. “Definitely. Just two more days and they’ll know anyway.”

I nod. “I guess. It’s not like I can hide it much longer.” I wrap my arms around his neck and make him come down to my level so I can kiss him.

I’m tired of hiding, but I don’t know if I want everyone to know either. I’ll be followed around everywhere I go, the media will want interviews, they’ll want to dress me up, they’ll be all over me. Just now I got used to being mostly ignored again.


“Do you want Alexia to bring you anything from the house? We’ll be going to the Grand Hotel immediately, I don’t want to brace the whole media circus twice before going there.” Max takes my hand as the jet has just landed. A private jet, because, why not.

“I’m good, I just want to take a nap.” I try to stifle a yawn. We woke up way too early and had too much fun time the night before. We shouldn’t have, but it was the last time for a while where we’ll be alone and have time for just the two of us. I guess I’m paying for that now.

“Well, that can be arranged, tonight.” He winks at me and I want to push him, but instead, I stick out my tongue.

Max phone buzzes and he picks up. “Yeah?” Someone talks to him, but I don’t recognise their voice. “Bring the car around back, that will work. Just keep the media away from the landing strip.” He listens again. “Yeah, that will be enough, we can use the back door at the hotel.” He looks out the window.

We’ve almost stopped and I can see the car drive up the strip.

Max pockets his phone and then puts his hand around my arm. “We need to hurry. The media can figure out why the car drove around there at any moment. We need to step out of the jet and right into the car.” He stands up and I follow him.

“What about our stuff?” I quickly grab for my bag, not leaving my laptop and electronics in here.

“They’ll bring it to us later. For now, we need to get out of here.” Max stands, impatient.

There is a sound and the door starts to open. I look through the gap, the car is right next to the plane and I can see some people near the gates to the road. They are coming towards us.

As the door opens further I see two bodyguards waiting for us. It seems that our alone time is now definitely over.

Max steps out first, holding his hand out to me. I follow him, one hand in his and I hold my bag in front of me with the other. Partially because I don’t want to drop it, but also to hide my body from any cameras they might have pointed at us.

We quickly get into the car and the two bodyguards slip in after us. We’re barely seated or the car starts to ride off. The windows on this one are heavily tinted, so we won’t be visible to the people who try to take pictures. Of course, they know we’re in here, but they don’t need to see us, we want to stay hidden for a while longer, as much as possible.

The car is slow as it tries to make its way through the reporters, both professional and amateur. They flash their cameras in our direction and slam their hands against the car, trying to either get our attention or to make us stop. But the driver knows what he is doing and within a couple of minutes, we’re on the highway, off to the city and our hotel.

Off to possibly the biggest day of our lives.

Omega’s Wedding is the sixth story of the Mated to the Alpha serial.


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