Omega’s Pack

Mated to the Alpha 3

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Two days pregnant, two days of running to the bathroom as soon as he opens his eyes, Ethan’s life has not gotten any easier.

Ethan, newly pregnant and male, doesn’t know what he has gotten himself into. Between meeting the pack, running into his family-in-law and preparing for his first press conference, life has gotten a little hectic. Luckily his Alpha mate, Max, is there for him, to get him in and out of trouble.

Max, the richest, openly gay, no-longer-bachelor Alpha in the city, has to fight his own feelings between wanting to keep Ethan close and knowing that he has to let the man explore their new relationship in his own time.

When the two men finally find some peace and quiet together, they learn some very intimate things about each other.

Omega’s Pack is the third story in the completed Mated to the Alpha serial, taking place in a paranormal Omegaverse world where shifters and humans live side by side. This serial has mpreg (male-pregnancy), steamy scenes and cliffhangers.


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18 June 2015

Pages: 64 pages

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If you don’t want to buy through any of the international stores, this story is also available in the Netherlands and Belgium as part of Mated to the Alpha: Full Collection. This features all eight of the stories in Mated to the Alpha and is available in ebook or paperback.



“Are you okay?” Max knocks on the door.

Looking down into the toilet in front of me I consider for a moment if he expects an answer or not, then another wave of nausea overtakes me and I double over the rim before I can make a decision.

“I’ll just…” I hear some mumbling and then his footsteps move away from the bathroom door.

I sigh, ugh. I thought these type of things only started happening after a couple of weeks, then again, it’s not like anything going on right now makes much sense. I wipe at my mouth with my bare arm and then cringe. Ew.

I slowly get up and drag myself to the shower stall. I turn on the water and sit on the edge of the bathtub while it heats up.

This morning I woke up in Max’s bed, cuddled up together and everything. It felt weird, I don’t remember falling asleep like that. At the same time, it was nice to not sleep alone. Having someone at my side when I’m sleeping makes me sleep so much better, always has been like that.

I get out of my boxer briefs and slide into the shower, letting the hot water soothe me. I tip my head back, the water running over my face. So much better, nice and clean. I keep my movements controlled, careful, making sure I don’t upset my stomach again.

Waking up had been quick and not very pleasant, between the moment I opened my eyes and actually having to be in the bathroom were only a couple of seconds. Morning sickness, yay. The first sign of what was to come.

I turn off the water and grab for a towel. I might just have emptied my stomach in the toilet, but I’m also hungry. Crazy, crazy body. I wrap the towel around me and open the door to the bedroom.

Max isn’t there, luckily. I don’t have any clothes with me, so I look around his drawers, trying to find something that will fit me. I find a drawer full of socks, silk briefs, and even one with porn, but nothing in my size.

“I think you’ll need to go commando for the moment.” Max’s voice startles me. “We’ll meet up with Tim later today so that he can give you your clothes. And we can go shopping later in the week, you’ll need a lot of new things.”

I might be weird, but going commando in the tight jeans that I wore yesterday doesn’t sound appealing.

“Or I can lend you some sweats, might be better.” Max comes over and puts his hand on my back as he guides me to a huge closet. He opens the massive thing and shows me rows of jeans, pants, shirts of all types, everything. He hunts through a pile of sweatpants and hands me a pair. “This should be doable for you.”

I take it from him and hold it in front of me, the legs cover my feet completely and the band at the top is way too large. “Eh…”

“I know, but it’s the smallest I have.” He steps back, giving me space.

“Can you…” I motion towards the door. I might have had sex with the guy, twice, that doesn’t mean I’m comfortable walking around naked with him in the room.

“Oh.” His mouth stays in a comical round. “Yeah, okay.” He reaches into the closet again and pulls out a dark shirt. “This should fit you, somewhat.” Max walks out of the room. “I’ll be downstairs.” He closes the door behind him.

I put the shirt and the sweats on the bed. They’re way too big for me, but they will have to do, because I’m not wearing yesterday’s clothes another day, three days in a row is enough.

I unwrap the towel and run it through my hair a couple of times. It’s so soft, so comfy. I’d love to wear it all day if I knew that others wouldn’t see me. Sadly enough, it seems like today might be a long day, a very very long day.


I hold the top of the pants as I walk into the kitchen. Max is already sitting at the table, in front of him some eggs, bacon and a big cup of, what I assume, is coffee.

He looks up to me and smiles. “I didn’t realise we were that different in size.”

I flash him a pout before I come over to him, my eyes on his breakfast. “You mean that you didn’t realise that you were built like a tree?”

“What does sir want for breakfast?” A female voice makes me look up. I was so focused on Max that I didn’t realise we weren’t alone, I colour slightly for saying something bad around other people.

“Ehhmm…” I try to think of something to say.

“He’ll have the same as I have, right?” Max pulls at my arm so I’ll sit in the chair next to him.

I nod. Yes, the same as him sounds great.

“Does sir have milk or sugar in his coffee?” The woman looks at me.

“Just some sugar.” I try not to sound like a little kid, lost in the big world. But that is exactly how I feel. Like I’m a little kid who is pretending that they know about the world and is trying to act like an adult.

The woman nods and gets back into the cooking half of the kitchen.

“Before we can get your clothes, I’ve first got a meeting with the pack.” Max checks the clock on the wall. “In about half an hour. Do you want to come with?”

“Dressed like this?” I point towards myself. It wouldn’t make a good first impression, wearing clothes way bigger than my size and very informal ones at that.

“They won’t care.” Max frowns, his eyes not on me as he thinks for a moment. “Every Sunday we meet up, as a pack, to play together and to let the wolves in ourselves free. You’ll stand out anyway. And maybe you wearing my clothes will make them accept you easier.”

“Wolves? You mean, you’ll be transformed?”

“Yeah. We’ve got a small forest on our grounds, we like to meet up there. Keeps us close.”

The woman from before puts a plate and a cup in front of me.

“Thank you.” I look at the delicious food. My stomach rumbles and next to me Max laughs.

“Well, you don’t have to decide just yet. We’ve got a lot of other things going on today too. My parents will drop by again, we need to meet Tim and I need to get a statement out to the PR team. It’s not how I normally like to spend my Sundays.” He leans over and gives me a quick kiss on my cheek. “But it’s just for today. I’ll be taking the next week off so we can spend time together.”

My cheeks heat up again and I focus on my plate instead. I’m so out of my depth here.

Omega’s Pack is the third story of the Mated to the Alpha serial.


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