My Lover’s Resolve

Blossoming of Fate 2


Two young mates agree to stay away from each other, but when they break that promise, everything falls apart…

I wasn’t supposed to see Seb for four years. That was the only plan we could come up with to keep us both safe, so he can finish his degree and I can work my way up at my Omega father’s company. Two weeks in, I can’t stand our separation any longer and impulsively go visit him anyway.
Not being able to see him was hard enough when we were best friends, but now that we know we’re mates, I really can’t stay away from him…
I’ve tried, but I can’t do it.

I know that I should send him away, I really should. But when Destin suddenly appears at the apartment, looking as troubled as I feel, I don’t have the strength to do it. Seeing him makes me feel alive for the first time in weeks and I don’t want to let go of that sensation.
Mia won’t let us stay in the apartment for the weekend, since she knows about Destin and me, and we’re not allowed to have mates sleep over. So we sneak away to a holiday park, hoping to spend a relaxing weekend together and come up with a better plan than trying to stay away from each other, which obviously isn’t working.
Only, the weekend isn’t as relaxing as I’d hoped and things get much, much more complicated quickly…


Release Date:
10 March 2021

Pages: 79 pages (estimated from ebook version)

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If you don’t want to buy through any of the international stores, this story is also available in the Netherlands and Belgium as part of Blossoming of Fate Collection 1. This features the first four novellas of the series and is available in ebook or paperback.



I tap my fingers on the steering wheel impatiently as I glare out over the endless line of cars in front of me. Of course, I get stuck in rush hour.

Today of all days, I get stuck in rush hour.

I mindlessly try to pick at my hand, but with my basically non-existent nails and my clever idea to put on gloves, I can’t. I tug on the fabric for a moment and then let it go, trying to find something else to distract me, but it’s… super boring.

This is why I hate driving anywhere but on small back roads. Driving on the highway for long stretches of time is bad enough. That’s already boring enough, since there’s nothing really to see.

But being stuck in traffic, on the highway, during rush hour. It’s hell.

Today has been one thing after another. One crappy thing after another and I got scolded three times, which is… not good.

It started this morning when I thoughtlessly leaned on the dishwasher and managed to break something on the lid, so now the dishwasher won’t close anymore. Maddy got furious when she realised what had happened.

I’d just been distracted and leaned on the door of the dishwasher while trying to grab something from it and it… Ehh…

Snap. Crack. Flop.

Now it won’t close.

Then, when I was dropping off crates of apples at the main offices —which I had to do in a rush because I’d already been late because of the dishwasher incident and because we were short on staff today— I tipped three crates of beautiful apples all over the ground.

I’d stacked three crates on top of each other, which I can easily carry, but I miss stepped and there they went flying, rolling all over the place…

Which got me a scolding from Daddy.

And finally, when I got home, things got even worse.

I was parking the truck but didn’t pay enough attention to how I was turning and I scraped the side of Maddy’s car… She saw it happen from the cafe and raced outside.

When she saw the damage, she got really angry. I don’t blame her. As I backed out, I could see that the scrape was pretty bad.

It’s going to be an expensive fix, out of my pocket most likely.

Everything I did today seems to have ended in destruction, which did not help the crappy mood I was in already.

After hitting Maddy’s car, I’d just had it with today, so instead of getting out of the truck, I turned it around and drove off.

The last two weeks have done my head in and today was just the cherry on top of it all. I can’t do this. I can’t deal with this anymore. I can’t not talk to Seb… I need him.

I never realised how connected we were. Even when he was away at uni, we were always in contact with each other and to go totally radio silent for two weeks…

I thought I could do it, but I need him. I don’t feel like myself when I can’t talk to him and the few messages I’ve sent him have gone without a reply. So there’s only one thing I can do now…

The cars in front of me finally move, and I let out a sigh, but before we’ve really gotten any further, they stop again.


This is going to be a long drive. I can’t even turn around. The road going in the other direction seems just as stuck and I don’t see a way to get off this stretch of road right now.

I put the music from my phone on, maybe that will distract me. But after skipping through ten different songs, I still can’t stand it. It’s grating on my senses.

Okay, so, no music. I tap on the steering wheel again, trying to not let my thoughts spin into directions I don’t want to go.

I have no idea what I’ll say when I finally get to Seb. I have no idea what I’ll tell him. I have no idea if he’ll even listen to me.

Maybe he’ll yell at me, maybe he’ll tell me to go away. But I need to see him, more than anything, I need to see him. That’s all that I think of right now. I need to see him.

He’s my mate.

My best friend, the guy I’ve spent so much of my life with, is my fated mate, and I need him at my side.

I need him with me.


The neighbourhood where Seb and Mia live is very modern. The streets are lined with perfectly straight flower boxes, with perfectly sized and shaped plants in them.

And while they’ve put a layer of brick on the outside of the buildings, I know that they’re all just concrete cubes on the inside. Sticking some bricks on the walls, like wallpaper, but on the outside, it doesn’t hide the boringness of the buildings.

I would not want to live here. I much prefer to live in the countryside. I need fields and nature around me, and the wide-open space of farmlands. Especially the wide-open space, which is severely lacking here. I can’t imagine living in the middle of a city, it’s not for me.

But, of course, that’s not why Seb and Mia live here. Their dads got them this place because it’s in a good location. There’s little crime, it’s clean and all those other things that parents who are scared to let their children out into the world would like.

I know that Seb doesn’t really like living here either. He’s complained about it often enough, but I know that he’d never leave, because where else is a university student going to find a place like this?

The size of the apartment and the easy travel distance to university obviously make up for the boring building and neighbourhood for him.

Walking up to the building, I glance around me, not at ease. I stand out like a sore thumb in my dirty work clothes and muddy boots. It’s obvious that I don’t belong here. I’m not highly educated, well-dressed or very clean.

Daddy might be rich enough to easily be able to afford us a place like this to live in too. Hell, my daddy, Seb’s dad and Mia’s dad would probably have bought up one of these buildings, if more of us would have planned to attend university here, just to keep things simple.

But no matter if I’d gone to university here, I wouldn’t have wanted to live in one of these buildings, which Daddy definitely understands.

I look over the list of names and numbers and hit the button for Seb and Mia’s apartment. Let’s hope Mia doesn’t pick up, because she’s definitely not going to let me in…

No matter what she believes about why Seb and I aren’t talking, she will protect her cousin at any cost.

A small screen next to the list of buttons comes to life and I find Seb staring at me, his eyes going wide in surprise when he sees me.

“Can I come in?” I step closer to the panel, wishing I could hold him already. Hearing his voice, seeing him, even on the small screen, my heart skips.

Seb seems to think that over for a moment, but then the door buzzes and he nods. “Come on up.”

I push the door open quickly and take the stairs three steps at a time. My heart is racing and my chest feels like it’s about to burst.

He let me into the building! That’s a good sign. That’s a good first step.

When I reach the floor where he lives, he’s already standing in the open doorway, his arms wrapped around himself as he looks at me with sad eyes.

He looks like hell, like he hasn’t slept in weeks. His skin is paler than normal, and I think he might have lost weight too, and he’s not a big guy to begin with.

I take him in my arms, holding him against me tightly, finally feeling like the world isn’t as bad as my brain has been trying to convince me for the last weeks. He’s here. I’m with him.

After a while, I reluctantly let Seb go, taking a step back, looking him over more now, taking in how bad he looks. He looks… broken.

There are tears in his eyes, but he quickly wipes them away and then motions to the apartment. “Let’s get inside, it’s cold out here.” His voice is rough, quiet, weak, and I follow him, immediately feeling out of place as we step into the modern apartment.

I strip my boots off, but when I look down, I notice that my socks are also covered in mud. Ugh… Glancing at Seb, I take those off too. “Sorry about any mess.”

He shrugs weakly, walking into the open-plan living room and kitchen. “Have you eaten yet?” His voice has gone distant, and his stance is tense, his movements almost robotic.

“Ehhh.” I don’t know what I expected when I came here, but this was not it. He let me in, he let me hug him, but it’s like he’s shutting himself off from me now.

I’d expected more emotions, maybe that he’d be happy to see me, or even angry, but not this… Not this nothingness.

“Did you have dinner yet?” he repeats as he looks at his phone and when I check mine, I realise it’s nearly eleven at night. It took me six hours to get here, normally, without rush hour, I can make it in three or four hours. Hell…

“No. I haven’t yet.” I finally let out a deep breath. “Seb…” He shakes his head slowly and I shut up, not even sure what I wanted to say in the first place.

“You sit down at the table, I’ll make you something to eat.” He goes over to the fridge and starts digging around in it, before pulling out a tub, shoving it into the microwave and then he grabs a plate and cutlery.

“What do you want to drink?” He’s standing with his back to me, waiting for my reply.

I stare at him for a while, but he doesn’t turn around, just patiently waits for my answer, his hands on the counter in front of him tense, his back to me. I walk to the table and sit down, fighting my instinct to hold him again. “Water is fine.”

He gives a quick nod and then gets me a glass of water.

I watch him in silence, my heart breaking the longer I look at him.

What happened? What happened to him?

I know that I’ve been a mess these last two weeks, but is this how badly he reacted to our separation?

I want to speak to him. I want him to really talk to me, but I know him, and I know that he won’t talk until he’s ready.

So, I wait, no matter how hard it is.

My Lover’s Resolve is the second novella in the Blossoming of Fate serial.


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Included in: Blossoming of Fate Collection 1

Blossoming of Fate is the fourth serial taking place in the Omegaverse Mates World, the other three serials are Second Chance Mates, Making a Family and Omegas’ Destined Alpha.

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