Mated by the Lunar Pack

Lunar Pack 2


Clyde hurts when his pack hurts, when his lover hurts, but is this dark pain proof of something more, something deeper?

Clyde is the Alpha of the Lunar pack, the leader, the one in charge. But when his lover, Sam, turns their sexy next door neighbour, Roy, into one of them during a hot night of passion, he has trouble keeping everything together.
After finding out about the turn, three weeks ago, Roy has been refusing to have any contact with them. In turn Sam has become restless, moody and racked with guild. It pains him to see the heartbreak his lover is going through and he decides this can’t go on any longer.

To make matters worse, the moon will be full in three more days, and unless he doesn’t do something soon, Roy will go through his first shift as a werewolf alone. No matter their unusual circumstances, he can’t let that happen.

Will he be able to finally reach Roy and explain to him why Sam did what he did? And, more importantly, will Roy understand the repercussions of Sam’s mistake?


Release Date:
20 January 2015

Pages: 32 pages (estimated from ebook version)

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I curl my fingers through the wolf fur, Sam’s beautiful green eyes closed as he has his head on my lap. The TV in front of us is flickering, the images on the screen moving, but the sound turned off. We’re not here for the TV, we’re here because this is the closest room to the street.

Sam’s ears perk up, but then they go down again. Being in my human form, I know I can’t hear what Sam is hearing, but I need to stay this way to be able to react to whatever is going on. Sam has been getting more and more worked up in the last few hours, listening to the people passing by in the street.

It has been three weeks since Sam turned our neighbour, Roy, in a rash and thoughtless moment. When Sam told me what had gone on, the next morning, I had already expected it. Some things you can’t hide from others, especially the scent of another man’s cum on your lover’s lips. When we told Roy he wouldn’t believe it and after the initial shock wore off he left, out the door, gone. We tried to contact him but he either brushed us off or otherwise ignored us, but he can’t for much longer.

Once you are infected it takes the full moon to fully turn, and the full moon is in three days. I feel my skin itch in anticipation to the event, but, if I remember correctly, it will be much worse for Roy, especially since he won’t know what is going on.

Sam pulls my thoughts to the present, a low keening sound coming from his maw. He lifts his large head and looks at the window, letting out the piercing sound again. I don’t need words to know what is going on, Roy is walking past our fence.

Sam jumps off the couch, his form blurring, shifting. He turns his head towards the window, staring towards the street.

I stand up, I can’t take this any longer. It breaks my heart to see Sam this upset, this pained. I walk to the front door, beckoning Sam to come with me.

His form stabilises again, full on wolf. He follows me quietly, carefully. When I open the door he races out, directly at Roy.

The man startles and takes a few steps back before he realises what came racing at him. He looks up to the house, his eyes connecting with mine over the distance. Then he steps forward and reaches out, petting Sam over his head. He leans over and whispers something before pulling his arm away.

Sam tries to grab his retreating arm but Roy is too fast. The sound Sam makes almost brings tears to my eyes, it breaks everything inside me, tapping into my instincts as the alpha of the pack.

I know that I need to step it, now or never. I whistle loud and Sam moves his head my way. I try to bring up every bit of my alpha status, every part of my being, before I yell. “Get into the house.”

Sam’s ears go flat against his head and with his tail between his legs he comes running back to me. On the other side of the gate I see Roy fighting the urge to comply to my command too, the change might not be fulfilled, but he certainly has developed some werewolf traits already.

When Sam passes me I quickly pet him on the head, then I step outside and lock the door behind me, trapping Sam inside. I don’t like it, but for me to talk to Roy I need my brain, and Sam’s emotions influence me too much.

As I walk to the gate, Roy is staring straight at me, defiance in his eyes. Oh, damn, the guy is hot, I had almost forgotten how good he looked in all the drama that followed the sex. I swallow, I don’t want Sam to hurt even more. “We need to talk.”

Roy’s eyes go wide and he shakes his head. “And you don’t think I realise this every time you come to my house?”

“Doesn’t mean that it becomes any less important. You’re going to change in three days and you need your pack when that happens.”

“Right.” Roy rolls his eyes and attempts to walk off.

I grab his arm and turn him back to me. “I’m serious. And we need to talk about Sam.”

I almost miss the emotion flitting through his eyes, this is hurting him as much as it is hurting Sam. Oh, crap.

Mated by the Lunar Pack is the second story in the Lunar Pack serial.


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Included in: Lunar Pack Box Set

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