Fated Dragon

Guarding Their Dragon Mate 3


Dragon hoards are supposed to be a beacon of unity, but Sophia isn’t so sure of that as her hoard seems out to kill each other…

When Sophia and her men arrive at the dragon town, the night is only young, as fate seems keen to point out.
First, she kisses one of her guys, and almost gets him killed by one of the others. Won’t be the last time they attempt that…
Second, she hopes to get them all on the same page as she reveals that all four men are part of her hoard, her fated mates. That went over well…
Third, she finds a little dragon in the streets, hungry, tired, alone. An orphan. Just like her.

Returning home brings back many memories for Sophia, good and bad ones. But it also means she has to confront other things from her past, like the people she left behind, old friendships, old pain.
Can she keep her head cool as the leader of their rebuilding mission, while caring for a young orphaned dragon and regaining the trust of old friends?


Release Date:
1 July 2020

Pages: 118 pages

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If you don’t want to buy through any of the international stores, this story is also available in the Netherlands and Belgium as part of Fated Guards (Guarding Their Dragon Mate Collection 1). This features the first three novellas of the series and is available in ebook or paperback.



No matter how much my heart is breaking and I want to cry, I have to stay strong for Gaia. I have to take care of her first, I have to make sure she’s okay before I can let my emotions overtake me. I might not be her parent, but I’m the one she trusts and that basically makes me a sort-of parent to her right now, theoretically different but not in practice.

On my way back from my old house, after the disastrous ‘chat’ with Topaz, Gale, Lyell and Kieran about them being my hoard, she surprised me by suddenly showing up in the middle of the street. She came running right at me, her focus on nobody but me, on nothing but getting to me.

Gaia is only three or four years old, she’s so young, so little, she shouldn’t be alone at night. I don’t know exactly how, but I have a feeling she’s been on her own for at least a while. Dragon shifter kids, especially in their dragon form, can hunt small prey and I know that even though it’s still cold, there’ll be mice and other critters around for her to eat. But she needs more than that, she needs people to look after her, and I have a bad feeling that her parents aren’t around anymore.


Topaz tightens his arms around us, sending caring warmth my way as he can feel my worries, and then he lets go. When I look up, Lyell is walking over, a big plate with food in his hands and he puts it on the table before us.

“I hope you like bacon and eggs, I’m afraid I don’t have much else that’s appropriate for a little dragon.” He keeps his voice soft as he steps back, giving Gaia a little more space, but his eyes on her are steady, he’s reading her every action. I guess he’s used to dealing with little kids, he probably knows how to take care of her better than I do.

Gaia carefully raises her head, sniffing the air, letting out needy little sounds as she looks at the plate, but she doesn’t leave my arms. She’s scared, afraid. I guess that two big guys looming over her, no matter how harmless they’re trying to look, is going to be scary.

I pick up a piece of bacon, blowing on it to cool it down before I hold it out for her. “This is for you. Have at it.”

She slowly stretches her neck, taking an edge of the bacon between her jaws and then quickly pulls back, snatching the bacon from my hand and she scarfs it down. I can’t help smiling at how animatedly she acts as she lets out little humming sounds as she chews on the bacon, so happy.

I carefully put her on the table and, after looking back at me and then glancing at Lyell and Topaz, she dives for the plate and starts devouring it all. She was hungry, very hungry.

As I look at Gaia eating as much as she can, my mind goes over the last week, over the last days and over all that happened today. So much happened in so little time.

First, I got assigned to be the one in charge of rebuilding the area I grew up in, and four guys were assigned to me to help me out, four very sexy guys, to be honest. Then, as we were driving here, we got attacked by deserter fae soldiers. Which we survived, but both Gale and Kieran are still recovering from wounds they got during the attack. Wounds caused by the venom that the fae weapons were coated in.

And, when we arrived here, things got awkward between the five of us. In an unguarded moment, I kissed Kieran. Topaz caught us and nearly killed the fae for it. But it also made me realise that I could no longer keep to myself that we’re all connected in my dragon’s hoard instinct. So, I tell them, and they all act totally different from each other, ending up with me staying at the house I grew up in to think for a while longer as the guys returned to the school.

But before I could really decide anything, on my way back from the house, I find Gaia in the street. The little girl changing everything even more…

For fuck’s sake.

It’s been one thing after another, and none of it was what I’d been planning for my own future… But we’ve got to live with the cards we’ve been dealt, and these are my cards right now. One town that needs rebuilding, four way too sexy guys who are all part of my hoard and a little girl who seems to have decided that I’m going to be looking after her now. Hell.

Did I want a family? Sure. Kids? Sure. Just… not now?

I glance up at Topaz and Lyell, who are both looking at Gaia with sadness in their eyes. Yeah… This is definitely not how any of us expected our first day in the town to end…

As soon as the plate is empty, Gaia climbs back into my lap, keeping a close eye on Topaz and Lyell as she curls herself up and she’s got trouble staying awake any longer. A full tummy is definitely a good way to get sleepy.

Lyell laughs softly. “That little girl has the right idea. I think it’s time for all of us to go to sleep.”

“Did you…” I should have been there with them to set up the room, not talking to Agate and the others from the town all evening.

Topaz nods. “The room is set up. We can probably get an extra bed for Gaia in there too, shouldn’t be a problem.”

Gaia pushes closer into my arms, obviously listening in on us, and I smile softly. “I think she’s small enough to sleep with me, at least for the night.” Then I carefully stand up and Topaz helps wrap his jacket around Gaia quickly, keeping her warm.

I follow Topaz and we walk to the same room as where I kissed Kieran earlier. Feeling my surprise, Topaz glances back at me and shrugs as he pulls a face. Ah, well, I guess that strategically, it’s a good location, just a little surprised after everything that happened tonight.

In the room, Gale and Kieran are sitting at the window where I found Kieran before and as soon as the door opens, they look at us, though they look tired in the light from the two lamps that currently provide the only light in the room.

“Seems we’ve got ourselves a young guest.” I keep my voice light as I look around and spot that there are already six beds, with two pushed closely together.

It’s obvious that the guys have already decided that they’ll be my guards, my protectors, as the two beds pushed closely together are the ones furthest from the door and the windows, putting at least one of the guys between me and any danger that could come here. Right. You know what, I’m too tired to even fight them on it and it kind of makes my stomach fluttery, it’s pretty sweet.

Gale stands up, nodding his head to a door at the far end of the room. “If you want to change in a more private place, we’ve made sure the closet can be used for that. You will have to use something like your phone to be able to see in there, but we should be able to fix that tomorrow morning, once we get the electricity back on.”

“Thanks.” I nod, though I’m tired enough to sleep in the clothes I’m wearing right now. I’ll figure the rest out tomorrow morning. I’m just… It’s been a long day, a way too long day.

“Gale and I are taking the first watch.” Kieran’s voice is cautious, but I still feel Gaia tense in my arms, probably recognising Kieran’s accent and what he is.

I walk over to the two beds side by side. “We don’t have to…” But I stop. “We all need to sleep. The others can take care of the watch, that’s why they’re here with us. I need you guys awake and ready to go tomorrow morning. Really.”

Because if Gaia’s parents are gone, I worry how many more kids we’re going to find, how many more are without parents right now, how many more we’re going to have to look after.

“I’d feel better—” Kieran starts but shuts up when I glare at him.

“You’re going to sleep. You’re still recovering from your wounds. We’re all going to sleep now. We’ll figure out a schedule tomorrow, if you’re still insistent on being part of the watch then. But tonight, I need all of you to rest. Tomorrow is going to be complicated enough and I need you all there for it.” I feel how the guys don’t really agree with it, but since I’m in charge and they’re not really keen on testing me right now, they reluctantly accept my command.

I put Gaia down, even though she tries to hold onto me. “Just a moment, little one. I need to take my boots and jacket off before I go to sleep.”

She carefully lets me go and starts digging to get under the blanket on my bed and I smile as I lift it a little so she can crawl under it. Yeah, she’s not going to let me get far away from her.

I look back at Topaz. “Any chance we’ve got children’s clothes with us? For about three to four years old? I know that Rune put it on a list, but can’t remember if it was to take with us immediately or for the first or second delivery after we arrive.”

“We’ve got some with us for just about any age, kids and adults alike. It’s not much, just a few pieces each, and some extra underwear and socks for those who need them. You want me to get some? I think they stored it downstairs.” He already steps to the door.

I think for a moment. “Yeah. Just in case she goes back to being human tomorrow morning, or during the night. I’d like it if we don’t have to search for those things once it happens.”

“Three to four years old, right?” Lyell steps closer to Topaz, grinning. “Maybe I should go with him? I might have a better idea of how big kids that age are.”

“Good idea.” I nod and the two disappear down the stairs.

I take my shoes off, slip out of my jacket and then take my jeans off before I climb under the blankets with Gaia. I don’t need a special room to change in, especially when I’m just getting ready to sleep. I appreciate the offer, but I’m used to getting changed with others around. Although, those people usually aren’t part of my hoard…

And, of course, now my cheeks start going hot at that thought. Great… For a moment, I was in ‘rebel Sophia’ mode, making sure things get done, ignoring all but the things that matter most, but, of course, once that wears off, it’s hard to ignore how having the guys close makes me feel all fluttery on the inside.

I duck my head under the covers to hide my blushing and Gaia stretches out at my side, pushing in close, and I wrap my arm over her.

I’ve got enough on my mind, I don’t need to also worry about how I react to the guys, or the way they make me feel. The guys who make up my hoard, my mates. My cheeks are really aflame now and my heart is beating like crazy. For fuck’s sake.

I guess life is great at throwing everything at me at the same time and not giving me even a moment to breathe. But what else is new? That’s been my life for as long as I can remember.

Fated Dragon is the third novella in the Guarding Their Dragon Mate serial.


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