Lughnasadh Elite Academy 3


One secret between princes, six students called in to see the headmaster.

The last couple of days haven’t been easy on Litha, being sent to a world she had no knowledge of, finding out she’s part of a prophecy which will bring peace to the four kingdoms, getting pursued by four sexy princes and finally walking in on her hot roommate getting ready for bed. The last one she definitely didn’t do on purpose.

But things between the princes aren’t going as well as they appeared either, Rune has been keeping a big secret and Kit is very hurt when he finds out about it, putting strain on the friendships of all four men.

Having added another member to their harem, daughter of the highest witch priestess, Phoenix, the six are called to the headmaster’s place for a ‘chat’, and that can’t mean anything good…


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Release Date:
26 June 2019

Pages: 112 pages

Audiobook narrators: Lia Langola & Randall Corey

Audiobook length: 2h 34m

Available formats:
Audiobook, Ebook

Available in the Netherlands/Belgium:
As part of a collection





If you don’t want to buy through any of the international stores, this story is also available in the Netherlands and Belgium as part of Fated Lovers (Lughnasadh Elite Academy Collection 1). This features the first three novellas of the series and is available in ebook, audiobook or paperback.



I clutch my phone between my hands, keeping it close, as I stare ahead, everything around me a blur. I blindly walk around the campus, not paying attention to anything, but luckily there aren’t many people around. When I finally clear my head a little, I find myself sitting on the ground, my back against the wall, under Litha’s window. I didn’t even mean to come here, it just happened.

I wanted to be anywhere but near Rune. I thought he trusted me, I thought I knew everything about him, that we had no secrets from each other. But for him to have hidden something so important from me, him not only being able to sense our emotions but always aware of our location, it feels so invasive. It’s like everything in my chest is breaking, my head hurting, everything in pain. I feel broken and so alone.

Being away from Rune is the strangest thing ever. When I need time to myself, I normally run towards him, and now I’m trying to get away from him. It feels wrong, but I guess it’s telling that I’m now under Litha’s window, wanting to be close to her, near her, touch her. I need her.

I slide my fingers over the screen of my phone and then put it to my ear. I know that she’s with Phoenix and all that, and I should probably let her be, but I need to hear her voice, I just need her.

Her voice is full of surprise as she picks up. “Hey.”

“Hey.” I force the word out, leaning my head back against the wall. Why did I think this was a good idea?

“Are you okay? You sound… off.”

“I guess.” I close my eyes, relief flooding me at hearing her voice, at her not sending me away.

“Did something happen? Are you in trouble?” She’s getting more serious and the need to hold her becomes stronger.

What can I tell her? How can I explain things without giving away things she has no idea about yet?

“Kit? What’s going on? You’re starting to scare me.”

“Open your window. I’m downstairs.” Why am I telling her this? I shouldn’t do this, I should just let her be. I hear wood creaking, and as I look up, I catch a glimpse of a very blurry Litha. I hadn’t even realised I started crying. When did that happen?

“Why are you here? Where are the others?” I hear her double, both from the window above me and through the phone.

“I have no idea. I’m not with them.” I close my eyes, leaning my head against the wall again. It feels good to talk to her. If I can’t touch her, at least I can talk to her. It’s all I can ask for right now, all I can wish for.

“Wait there.” I hear her move, and when I open my eyes again, I don’t see Litha’s head, but I do see a head full of red curls, Phoenix. I guess if anyone sees me like this, it’s fine if it’s Phoenix… Then her head disappears too and I hear the sounds of the window closing again, right before there are soft footsteps next to me.

I look up and find Litha staring at me, her eyes worried, a line between her delicate eyebrows and she’s pulled her beautiful rosy lower lip between her teeth. “Hey.” This time, the word slipping out of me is little more than a whisper.

“Oh, Kit.” She kneels down next to me, her arms around my neck and her worry floods into me.

I wrap my arms around her, tightening my grip as I bury my nose into her neck, taking in her woody-fiery scent. This is so good. I pull her into my lap, not letting her go at all, keeping her even closer as I feel my body change. I wince for a moment as my wings slowly grow out of my back, wrapping around us, protecting us from whoever may be looking our way. Our little bubble, our little sanctuary, our safety.

Litha moves to the side a little, still tightly against me, and her fingers slide over the leathery skin of my wings, sending shocks of desire through my body and I try to keep my voice contained. Wings are very sensitive, which is why people will break the skin of our wings when they try to hurt us most. “They’re beautiful.” She puts her full hand against my wing, heat spreading out from it. “And they feel so tough.”

I nod against her neck. “They’re almost like leather, but they’re very sensitive, lots of nerve endings in there.”

“Oh.” She quickly pulls her hand back, cradling it against her chest. “Sorry.”

“Don’t worry. You’re not hurting me.” I put my head on her shoulder, just having her here with me already calms me down.

“What happened?” She slowly plays with her fingers over my shoulder as she makes herself more comfortable in my lap.

“Rune told us something and…” I take a deep breath. “I thought I knew everything about him, but he’s been hiding a big secret from me.”

“You felt hurt?”

I nod. “I thought I knew him. But now…” I shrug. “I didn’t know what to do. Where to go.”

“So you came here?”

I nod again. “I’m sorry. I know that it’s late and that you were probably getting ready for bed… I shouldn’t have–”

She puts her fingers to my lips. “You’re always welcome. Don’t apologise for coming to me. Never.” Her eyes are filled with energy.

How can she be so strong and steady? How can she feel like this, like she really cares, when she barely knows me? I feel the emotions rush through her, and it’s all caring, and… And something like love. I let out a soft gasp, not sure how to respond to that, to her.

“Have you always had your wings?”

I blink, not sure where this question is coming from. “Yeah. It took me a while to learn to control them. And learning to fly is a totally different skill altogether.”

She smiles softly. “I’m a little envious. Wings are cool.”

I carefully kiss her shoulder. “You’ll have a great time learning your own skills, I’m sure of it. Maybe not flying with wings, but the things I’ve already seen… I’m sure you’ll learn to do awesome things.”

She lets out a low laugh. “How can everyone be so sure of that when I’ve not got a clue?”

“Because you’re Litha fucking Vigil, from one of the oldest witch lines there is. You’re basically royalty, and your family has had some really powerful witches in the past.” I loosen my grip on her a little, looking at her face in the low light of our wing-bubble. “From what I’ve seen, you’ll have great power, even if you don’t know how to do it yet.”

She smiles softly. “I guess it’s good that someone has faith in my ability.”

“No pressure, but four kingdoms kind of depend on you, you know.” I wink and a pinkness spreads over her cheeks, then I lean my forehead against hers. “I know that you’ll be amazing.”

“What’s the use of you knowing when I don’t know?”

“Trust in me?” I don’t know why I say it, but somehow she relaxes against me, accepting my words without question. “Trust in us,” I murmur, her comfort in my arms seeping into me and making me sleepy.

We’re quiet for a while, enjoying being together here, until there are footsteps not too far off and it pulls me back to where we are. We’re not somewhere safe, we’re basically out in the open. I’m about to pull Litha against me tighter so I can attack whoever it is, but a soft voice stops me.

“I think you should go to your hall.” It’s Phoenix, and Litha stirs in my arms, unfolding slowly.

I open my wings, not pulling them in, but still allowing me to look at her. I blink as I look Phoenix over. She’s wearing a bathrobe and she’s on bare feet. I didn’t realise she could look this cute, and I feel the lust flush through Litha, making me smile a little. Rune was right, she really does like Phoenix. I thought I’d feel more annoyed by it or something, jealous maybe, but it’s okay, it feels okay.

“It’s not that late.” I don’t want to have to let go of Litha, not yet.

“Yes, it is.” Phoenix smiles, her eyes soft. “It’s past midnight already. If you want to see her again, pick her up for breakfast or something.”

I watch as Litha swallows hard, her face going all red, as her body responds to whatever is going through her head, probably what happened the last time we had breakfast together. Oh, that’s cute too.

Phoenix raises an eyebrow, looking between the two of us, then she turns to the back door. “Don’t keep her up much longer, or she may get into trouble, and that will be on you.” Then she walks away, rounding the corner.

“I should go.” Litha looks at me, her fingers playing on my chest, skimming over places where my shirt has slipped down when I pulled my wings out.

“I guess.” I tighten my arms around her again, leaning in. “Can I get a goodnight kiss, though?”

Litha grins as she nods. “Because you’re asking so nicely.”

I get closer to her. “I could ask in not-so-nice ways.” I wink.

She smirks, closing the distance between us as she kisses me hard. The lust spiking in her, and in me too, makes me want to do so much more than a simple kiss. But Phoenix is right, it’s no good if I get her in trouble. Ugh!

Duality is the third novella in the Lughnasadh Elite Academy serial.


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