A Very Special Omega


The morning after a full moon, Omega Jay wakes up naked, tightly hugging another man. He has no memory of what happened and flees from the scene.

Chase, sexy Alpha, remembers exactly what happened during the full moon, but he keeps quiet about it. It doesn’t seem important that they had sex until dawn.
Until he finds Jay on his doorstep, the night before Christmas…


Release Date:
17 December 2015

Pages: 64 pages (estimated from ebook version)

Available formats:

Available in the Netherlands/Belgium:
Only through international stores







It’s not every day that I wake up from the full moon, curled around another man and covered in mud and leaves. I have no idea where we are and a nagging feeling takes hold of me that maybe I did something weird last night.

I slowly uncurl myself from around the other man. But the man grabs hold of my arms, before he starts to move. “Hmm?” His low voice goes right through me.

“Can you let me go?” I try to speak, but it comes out more like a growly whisper.

The man sits up as he lets me go, then he turns around. “Good morning.” He flashes a crooked smile.

I shake my head. “Not a good morning. Who are you?” I try to stand up, but the man grabs my arms, so I sit down again.

“I’m Chase. Who are you?” He blinks, apparently finally waking up, his face changes for a moment before he speaks again. “And what are you doing here?”

“You’re asking me?” I slide side to side, trying to find a more comfortable spot to sit in. It’s cold, which isn’t strange for November weather. It doesn’t affect me much, as wolf shifters are naturally more warm, so we can deal with it, but a cold floor and sticks poking in your ass are still not very comfortable anyway.

“Yes. I’ve never seen you around. And you’re here when I wake up.” He crosses his arms over his chest.

I close my eyes as I let out a deep sigh. Whatever. “I’m Jay. And I’m going home.” I stand up again and this time he lets me. I shake and shiver for a moment. My whole body is sore, more so than normally after a full moon. We must have had quite the night.

“Do whatever you want.” He rustles behind me and when I look back Chase has turned back on his side and is apparently going back to sleep.

I can’t help but shiver again as I can’t imagine going back to sleep like this. Now that I’m awake, the cold is slowly getting a hold of me. “Sleep tight.” The words surprise me, and I close my mouth quickly.

Behind me Chase lets out a low laugh.

I roll my shoulders and try to loosen up my muscles before the shift. I focus on the wolf in me, I need to change back. Because I’ve got no idea where I am and a naked man walking around is going to attract more attention than a wolf. The shift comes on quickly and I drop on all fours as my bones and muscles twist and contort. Twinges of pain go through me, my whole body telling me that I’ve had a rough night. I don’t usually like shifting again so quickly after changing back, the soreness is just not worth it.

I take a few steps, my paws quickly adapting to my movements and the first thing I smell is the strong scent of cum, everywhere around me. Oh, god, gross.

I shake my head, trying to clear it of the most recent scents and then follow our way back to the city. I hope I can still make my first class, it wouldn’t look good on my record to be late today.

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