Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Updated: 13 Sep 2019

Cookies and Google Analytics

Cookies help me understand how people use the website and improve it so that you get a better experience out of it. Google Analytics is a Google service which gives me a more detailed way to see your data than Wordpress itself can give me, which helps me tremendously to get things just the way my visitors like.

I don’t get specific data about you, just basic things like what location in the world you’re from, the link you came from when you got to the website, what device you browsed on and which pages you visited. I don’t get exact data I can track to a single user, it’s all in bulk, it won’t tell me that you came from a Twitter link and visited 5 pages, but it will tell me that 100 people visited the website and that of those people 35 visited a specific page, this helps me to know what pages are most important and which pages I may have problems with. I do not get private information about you, just general information about the people visiting the website, this helps me create a better website for you.

If you are still concerned about your data being used by Google Analytics (on this website or others), you can download the Opt-out browser addon to prevent Google Analytics from using your data for analysis: https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout

If you want to know what Google thinks you like or what you’re interested in, or to turn off Google’s Ad personalisation, check your Google settings here: https://adssettings.google.com/authenticated

Facebook Ads and Facebook Pixel

Easily Distracted Media has a Facebook Pixel on the website, this is a small cookie-like piece of data that helps Facebook to know what kind of users visit my website and when I make Facebook ads, it will help me target exactly the right people. It works in many ways just like the cookies I described above, but is specifically designed for Facebook and Facebook users.

This is in no way meant to spam or otherwise bother anyone, not by me or by Facebook, but if you’re worried or uncomfortable with Facebook tracking you, you can change your settings in your Facebook profile.

Here is a quick link where you can set your preferences: https://www.facebook.com/ads/preferences/?entry_product=ad_settings_screen


Your Email Address and Other Forms That You Fill Out on the Website

I have a newsletter signup page on the website and from time to time I post forms or giveaways. At all times, I make sure that this information stays private and I don’t share it with third-parties that you don’t know of.

My newsletter works through Mailchimp, and I don’t share your email address with other people. You can always unsubscribe through one of the newsletters and even ask me to delete your data if you feel this is needed.