Smashwords End of Year Sale!!!

It's that time of the year again! Happy Holidays!!!

I hope you're having a great holiday season, no matter what you celebrate, or don't celebrate, but I know that we all always appreciate some presents, especially when they're books, right?

So, here is my present from me to you, loads and loads of books in the Smashwords End of Year Sale, some free, rest 50% off! Finish your collection of a series or start a new one for free, as all first in series are free!

Smashwords lets you download the books in mobi, epub and pdf format, so there's something for every type of digital reader!

Let's dive in, and happy reading!


All longer series are only listed with first book, which links to the series page, and then any box sets available, or this post would have gotten even longer than it already is…


E. Engberts (YA Queer Scifi)

FREE with code SW100

Emily Engberts (Adult women-loving-women Romance)

FREE with code SW100

50% off with code SEY50

Emmy Engberts (YA Queer Romance)

FREE with code SW100

50% off with code SEY50

Layla Heart (New Adult/Adult Paranormal Romance)

First in series FREE with code SW100 rest 50% off with code SEY50

Skylar Heart (New Adult/Adult Contemporary Romance)

First in series FREE with code SW100 rest 50% off with code SEY50


Rosa Swann (Adult men-loving-men(-loving-men) Romance)

First in series FREE with code SW100 rest 50% off with code SEY50

(box sets listed separately because of the great deal they offer, they also are 50% off)


Box sets:


It's always a struggle to know how to present all these books in a way that makes sense, but I hope this worked!

Happy reading! Happy end of the year and I hope you'll start your next year with a bang!



BASE Status: Update (BASE Status 2) – E. Engberts

After the new Flowers and Keyboards serial starting up again, I couldn't leave this one behind. So, here is the second book of the BASE Status series!

This will update twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday!

Some people who may have clicked around here or on the Engberts website, may already have seen that, just like Colour Her, this book is also available for pre-order (everywhere but Amazon because of stupid Amazon rules) while it's running as a serial. The tentative release date for BASE Status: Update as a full book is the 9th of July.

If you've not read the first book, BASE Status: Online, you can buy a copy or read the first draft as a serial through here: BASE Status: Online

With all that out of the way, let's get to the story!

Augmented reality like you’ve never experienced before!
No more need for headsets or other devices to dive into a virtual world, everything comes right from your BASE unit!
Try out this brand new experience with Shades of the Spirit World!

After saving Helheim Fallen Online from certain company destruction and a lot of people from harm, Willow’s life seems to be going in the right direction. She has a job, her best friends in the guild she plays in and plans for the future. A future that she never thought she’d be able to get not even six months ago, a future that was kept from her because she’s autistic.

Now an update to the BASE (Bioelectrical Augmented Synapse Enhancement) unit and platform open up a world of opportunities for her. It promises a full virtual reality experience but as an augmented reality instead, something she’s been wishing for for years.

The new game that’s going to be released at the same time as the update, Shades of the Spirit World, at first just seems like a fun way to spend the time. It’s not the most complicated or involved of games, but it looks beautiful. That is, until some strange things start to happen in the AR world. Some AI are showing very human traits, more so than anything she’s seen before.
And when there are reports of AI going rogue and killing other AI, something the game hadn’t been programmed to do, things start to get really interesting. Read More!

New Year, New Style Giveaway 1!!

Today we're starting with the first of many giveaways to celebrate this redesign of my writing life!

If you want to know about the why and how of this redesign and giveaway, take a look at yesterday's post! New Year, New Style!

Enter below to win paperback copies of the three Young Adult books I released last year:

Her Elysium

The Other Dress

BASE Status: Online

The first two are romances and the last one is a science fiction novel. They all revolve around queer and neurodiverse characters who get into (and out of) a lot of trouble.


Here are the books you can win!

Read More!