WIP and Updates: New Year, New Style!

New Year, New Style, New Website!!

Yep, this thing is finally up and running!

I've been using the word ‘finally' a lot lately. I've finally published my new lesbian romance (A Card for Valentine's), even though I'd planned to publish it about two weeks ago. I've finally finished this website, even though I've been thinking about it and low-key planning it since last October or November (around the same time as I quit my Patreon).

The last couple of months have largely existed of high-pressure writing and editing (and publishing books in a variety of genres) and trying to take down-time to keep my mental health up (something that I'm not always that good at), and during all that, I knew that I needed to do this. Last year, I tried to do something similar to this on a Patreon, create a ‘hub' for all my publishing adventures, but that never clicked as well for me as just having a website with a blog, at least I know how to run and manage this. Though, some pages here are still a little rough, don't look too closely yet, I'll polish the edges in the coming months, having this ‘hub' in place and in working condition was the most important thing.

I do have a really cool announcement though, keep reading to find out more!


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