Second Chance Mates 2 – My Mate’s Mark – Chapter 5&6

What would you do if at your Alpha's funeral you find out that he used to have another mate? Read Second Chance Mates for free! No downloads!

Sexy times, but Wilder and Sterling now also have to come back to real life…

– Rosa Swann, author of Mated to the Alpha

Some Super Sexy times!! 18+ readers only!

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Chapter 5 - My Mate's Mark, an omegaverse non-shifter mpreg romance


It’s not like I have any self-control left at the moment. I want this man, I need him, not just physically, but I feel like I need him emotionally too. Like I can’t think straight without him touching me like there is just too much wrong for me to be able to deal with this on my own.

“Almost.” Wilder meets my eyes and, fuck me if that doesn’t nearly make me come already. That sharp gaze connects with something inside me, something that needs this to be with him, with Wilder.

I try to move with him, against him, anything to make him make me feel things. When he comes closer again, I’m not sure about what I really want, but I want him to touch me. I reach down between us, touching him where our bodies meet, wrapping my hand around him, around myself. My hands are smaller than Wilder’s, but the look in his eyes tells me that that doesn’t matter, that it’s okay, that it’s just as good.

Wilder leans over and kisses me, still jacking the both of us off, but also kissing me, touching me and then his hand slides to my hip, holding there for a moment before he moves down, sliding his fingers over the inside of my thigh and then lower. Touching, caressing. His finger sliding just over and along my entrance, not breaching, not anything, just teasing and touching.

I try to move my hips, try to move so that he’ll be touching me better, but he just keeps teasing. “Wild…” I wrap my arms around him. “Please…”

He looks down at me, a wicked smile on his lips and his eyes dark with lust. Without notice, he enters me with one finger, taking my breath away, making me see stars, making everything so hot.

I tighten my grip on him, my breathing hard and I try to not get overwhelmed. Then he slides in a second finger, the pressure rising and everything getting more and more intense. He touches something inside me, and I fight not to come right then. Fuck.

“Hmm, that seems like a good place.” Wilder murmurs and nibbles along my neck when he touches me in the same spot again.

The world goes off a little, just for a moment, the sensation too intense. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Wild. For fuck’s sake. Just fuck me.” All bets are off now, I don’t have any way to keep myself sane anymore, now it’s just a combination of lust, heat and animalistic instinct.

“As you wish.” Wilder grabs the back of my knees and pulls my legs up, giving him better access to everything. Wait, what?

He pushes my legs upwards, and I grab hold of them, keeping them there, so he won’t squash me. Then his fingers are on my ass again, touching me, making me feel things before I feel the blunt head of his cock against my entrance.


Wilder meets my eyes, keeps them locked on me, as, with a roll of his hips, he slides inside a little.

A moan escapes me, his cock so much bigger than his fingers, and so, so much better.

Then he rolls his hips more, pushing inside me, filling me, just a little, bit by bit. He’s taking me, mind, body and spirit, tonight.

He keeps sliding in, deeper and deeper, until he’s filled me fully, and his hips are pushing against my ass. Oh. Damn. Full.

I didn’t realise it much last night, but Wilder isn’t very small in that department. Far from it even. Damn.

I let go of my legs, and Wilder slides them around his hips, then he holds me tight and pulls me up, making me sit in his lap, making me face him as he fucks me. He keeps holding me close, my cock moving between us and I slide my hand around myself, not wanting to come just yet.

“Fuck, you’re so good.” His whisper is thick and makes me shiver for a moment. Then he pushes into me harder, sliding in and out.

I take his lips in a hard kiss, our mouths and teeth clashing, our breaths mingling. I hold onto him tightly, but I know that I won’t be able to do this much longer, he’s just too good, too sexy, too intense.

I slide my head to his shoulder, resting there as I wrap my fingers around myself tighter, jacking off.

Suddenly a surge goes through me as Wilder licks the mark he left behind yesterday, the bandage must have come off at some point since we started all this. His lips and tongue are hot on my mark, on the skin there.

“I’m coming.” I’m able to push the words out before actually coming, which is a surprise at the speed this is happening.

“Come for me.” Wilder’s lips are close to my ear and his breath is hot on my skin.

He snaps his hips one last time before he comes, his dick inside me pulsing, coating me on the inside, pushing me over the edge and making me see stars. Fuck. I gasp for breath, trying to not let the inevitable happen. But it’s no use, with a long moan I spill in the space between us, covering us both and making us sticky.

Wilder holds me, our breaths harsh, our bodies still caught up in all the pleasure. Then, when we both come down from the high, he slowly slides out of me and lays me down on the bed. He carefully curls up behind me, spooning me tightly as he pulls the blanket over us.

Now everything is over, the buzzing in my body is giving me more courage than normal. While my heat is subsiding and making thinking a little easier, a thought comes in my head. “Have you ever had sex with an Omega before?”

“Hm?” Wilder hums against the back of my neck, I’m not sure if he’s already nearly asleep or if he simply doesn’t want to answer.

“Before me, have you ever?” I’m curling up on myself a little, I’m not sure why his answer would matter that much really.

“No. I’ve only had an Alpha mate.” His voice is careful like he doesn’t want to fully answer. Why does that answer make me feel relieved?

“You’ve never been interested?”

This stops him for a moment. “I… I never really considered it.”

“Never… what?”

“I’ve never thought about finding an Omega. I was happy with work. I had a home.” His answers get less and less sure like I’m asking things that I shouldn’t be asking.

He was willing to stay alone for the rest of his life? “You never… never… How old were you when you lost your mate?”


“I was… I was twenty-five when I met Logan.” I can’t imagine having to be alone after losing my mate. I can’t even be alone for days, and I’ve had a relationship not even as long as theirs. “How did you do it?”

“Do what?” His arms around me tighten.

“Be alone for that long.” I don’t get it, I don’t get how he did it.

“I worked. First to avoid having to think about it all, then because that was all I knew anymore, and now. It’s my job. I work, I come home, I relax. I sometimes go and do fun stuff.” I feel him shrug. “You’ll get there. At some point. Don’t worry.”

I do worry. No matter what he thinks, no matter what I feel. Wilder mated me, which means we’re now connected. But I also know that even if I wanted, I wouldn’t be able to do this right now. Maybe at some point in the future, maybe never, but I can’t just move from Logan to Wilder without some proper time to myself. That just isn’t possible.

“Hey, go to sleep. We’ll talk again in the morning.” His voice is slowing down, so is his breathing.

But there is one last thing that I want to know, just to make sure. “Am I your first Omega?”

“Wha—? Yes. Now sleep.” He pulls me tight, and I feel him relax against me.

Something, a little fire, sparks inside me. I may not be his first mate, but at least I’m his first Omega. That’s got to count for something, right? I cover his hands with mine and hold on. I guess I can live like this for now.

Sleep quickly overtakes me, giving me dreams full of sheep and chickens and our garden, and happiness and other good things. I’m not exactly sure anymore what they are, but I do remember that for the first time in over a week, I finally slept soundly. Something that I just wasn’t able to do anymore.

The next morning I’m up early. The sun is still not fully risen, but I slide out of Wilder’s grasp. My body heats up a little as I look at him, laying in the bed. He looks handsome when he isn’t worrying about everything. He looks so much younger, maybe almost even younger than Logan did. But even looking at him now, he does remind me of Logan a little. Logan used to have that same worried look on his face when we just met. Like the world was on his shoulders and he just didn’t know how to keep on living like that. The first few months when I just met him, no, even the year or so after we mated, he’d always look like he was in pain. Like there was something on his mind that made him unhappy. As time went on after Maddy was born, that eased, but even after being together for eight years, it just seemed to come up in him sometimes, that pain. Just randomly, he’d lock himself in his study for days, such a deep pain in his eyes, and then he’d come out, all back to normal.

I quietly leave the room and close the door behind me, it’s a little weird, sleeping in that room. Logan and I actually slept in there way back when we just moved into this place. We were redoing the upstairs, so we had to sleep down here, and since the other room was already his office, this was our only place. I go up the stairs, quickly changing into some overalls and a warm shirt and then I make my way over to the kitchen. Everything seems to be fine here, which is a slight wonder after the way Wilder and I reacted to each other. I guess that this being my third day being in heat, everything will cool down a little, make it all less busy in my head, making my body a little stronger again.

I pull on my rain boots and walk down the garden path, everything is still growing as it should, though taking a day off working in here shouldn’t have much of an effect anyway. I walk to the back of the garden and fill a bucket up with grains and other things for the sheep. I go back past the chicken, who start clucking at me.

“Yes, yes. I’ll be with you in a moment. First I gotta do the others.” I look at the beautiful hens who’re all waiting impatiently. The sheep are very loud and excited as I near their pen, I love seeing them like this, all running around and the lambs still young. I step over the fence and put the feed into the rearing trough. I look at them as the balls of fluff start pushing against each other and me to get to the food. They’re so funny to watch, and their sounds make me happy, listening to them all side by side. We’ve gotten a decent sized flock by now, and I’ll have to think about what to do with the lambs in a couple of months. But that’s not a priority right now, luckily.

I climb back over the fence, taking one look back at the flock, and go back to the shed, to grab food for the chickens. I step into the pen, and the ladies and gent all come close, waiting for the food. I scatter it around, and they start eating quickly, always so happy for food. I leave them all to eat and check the nesting boxes, most of the hens have left us eggs, which is always lovely. As I put them in a carton, I know that I’ll need to get back to the farmers’ market next week, there have been so many eggs lately, and not going this week really means that we’re running low on space in our storage at the moment. And there are only so many ways in which to eat eggs. I smile, yeah, trying to eat them all got old really fast and that was just with two of them, we’re now up to about ten.

I take a stroll around the garden, feeding the rabbits, checking on some of the veggies and fruits and then, finally, I make my way back into the kitchen. Which is still empty, Wilder and Maddy are apparently not awake yet. I put the eggs away and grab my notebook. Well, it will give me some time to plan out the things I’ll need to take to the farmers’ market, at least now I’ve got time to myself and my own thoughts.

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Chapter 6 - My Mate's Mark, an omegaverse non-shifter mpreg romance


When I wake up, I’m alone in bed, and the house is quiet. I check the time on my phone and remember what Maddy told me yesterday, Sterling is probably already up and feeding the animals. That man is something. Something special. Definitely.

I roll to my back, needing a moment to collect my thoughts. Yesterday, just as I was falling asleep, Sterling asked me if I’d ever been with an Omega, and then asked about when I lost my mate. I didn’t really want to answer him, especially not since I didn’t want to think about Logan being with someone else, or even Sterling being with someone. Even the thought of Logan and Sterling together kind of made me feel weird. I know it’s the reality, and for now, Sterling has no idea what his questions do to me, to my need to keep lying to him, but it hurts all the same.

If Logan left me when we were twenty-five, that was a decade ago, and Logan and Sterling met eight years ago… Damn. That means that for two years, Logan was alone. That can’t have been easy, no matter how you look at it. It can’t have been easy for Logan to leave me, and then… be alone. Logan was never really good at being alone anyway, he was too much of a social creature for that. Though, having been here for a couple of days, and how there doesn’t seem to be anyone to care for Sterling, did Logan lose that?

How much has Logan changed in those two years? A sickening feeling settles in my stomach. Even though I hate him for leaving me, knowing that he’d been alone like that… It can’t have been easy. Especially not with the way his family put so much pressure on him to get mated to an Omega. That already happened while his parents knew we were together and probably only intensified when he was alone.

Sure, I was alone, but at least I didn’t have to worry about my family. I didn’t have to keep some family honour up, a so-called family legacy. My parents were Betas, which is uncommon, but happens. My parents just wanted me to do well, they didn’t really keep me to a super high standard or anything. I did pretty well, even if I didn’t have an Omega mate. And my mating with Logan… that hadn’t really been a problem anyway. So, even though he left me, I almost feel like I got the better deal out of this. I may have been living life alone, but I’ve been able to always make my own choices, a freedom Logan didn’t have.

I sit up, grabbing around for my clothes and putting them on. Well, I guess it’s time to start my day and do some things around here, I’ve only got one week off work, and we’re now on day four. I count again on my fingers. Yeah, day four. Great…

I walk to the kitchen, where Sterling is sitting at the table, bent over a notebook, a pen in his hands and all sorts of pieces of paper around him. “Morning.”

Sterling jumps slightly before he looks up. “Morn’.” He blinks and looks a little lost for a moment.

“Are you working?” I walk over to the coffee maker, only to see there isn’t any.

“Yeah, doing some stuff and trying to make numbers work for me.”

I open the cupboard. “Coffee?”

“Yes.” Sterling lets out a little laugh. “Thank you. I knew I’d forgotten something.”

I set up the machine and turn to the table. “Anything I can help with? I can do numbers decently, but I’m not that good…” I sit down and look at some pieces of paper. “What are you doing?”

“I started to organise the things I had to take care of for next week’s farmers’ market, but then I started looking at other things and numbers, and suddenly I was looking at how long I can even keep living like this….” His breath hitches and I reach out, putting my hand on his arm. Fuck.

“Okay, first. Farmers’ market, what do you need to do for that?” I can’t even imagine having to think about all of this, so breaking it down is probably the best thing.

“I just need to make a list of all the things I’ll be selling, and making sure that I make a list of tasks still to do.” He grabs a new piece of paper and starts writing stuff down.

I’m not even sure why I’m surprised he’d be doing something like this. It’s not like Sterling looks like an Omega who just sits at home, caring for the house, he’s much too active for that. Especially with the things he told me about this place and how he takes care of the garden and the animals and stuff. When his hand slows down a little, I look at him. “What’s next?”

He opens his mouth, then closes it, licking his lips before his eyes water. “Logan’s company.” He wipes at his eyes. Oh, crap.

I stand up and pour us both a big mug of coffee. “I guess we’ll be needing this?”

Sterling nods. “Yeah.”

“What kind of company does he have?” I always assumed that he’d start working at his family’s company as soon as they got tired of waiting for him.

“Web design. It supports us well enough, and there is some extra money that I bring in with selling things on the market.”

“Web design?” That surprises me. Logan was never one to really find much interesting about it. I did my major in web design, but Logan did his major in software engineering, and when he left me, he was working for a software company. I thought he’d stayed on that track, it always seemed to suit him best. He was smart like that.

“Yeah. He already had the company when we met. It was actually…” He falls quiet for a moment. “We were both at a seminar about administration for small companies. And we were grouped up for something.” He lets out a little sigh. “I never thought I’d find a mate like that.”

‘Like a funeral is a more likely place…’ But I keep my mouth shut. There are things he doesn’t need to think about right now, and this is one of them. “So, web design. That’s his thing?”

“He does the technical and design things, I mostly take care of the administration and some easier things. I’m not involved in the actual design, but I deal with customers and numbers.” He shrugs at he sips at his coffee.

“So, you’d need someone to do the coding side of things?” That should be fixable. “I can help with that. I can ask around. I’m in web design myself, but I work for a larger company that often works on specific projects for their clients.”

“You can? That would mean the world to me.” He reaches out and takes my hand. “Thank you. Thank you so much.” The relief on his face is palpable. This must have weighed on him so much.

“What’s going on with the company right now?” Because if they have their own company, it can’t be easy to just take days off.

“I emailed clients and told them some about what happened and that the company is closed for two weeks. I guess I just thought I could fix it somehow. How naive was I?” He shakes his head.

“It’s okay. We’ll find someone to help you. There’s always web designers looking for work, no matter what type of work you do.” If there is one thing that I know, it’s that there is never enough work for web designers. Too many people think they can just do this, that they don’t need any experience or actual eye for design to be able to do stuff like this.

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah.” I squeeze his hand, finishing my coffee. “Are you ready?”

Sterling shakes his head but stands up anyway.

“Lead the way.” I keep my hand lightly on his arm as I walk next to him.

Sterling stops in front of the door next to the guest room. I don’t know what I expected, but maybe not this, not that Logan’s office would be right next to the room where I’ve been sleeping… Where I had sex with his mate… Sterling stops but doesn’t reach for the door.

“Have you been in here since the accident?” I can’t imagine how hard this must be for him.

“Once. I had to send the email to the clients. But not after…” He grabs onto my arm, and I wrap my other arm around him. Of all the things, this is probably the place where Logan spent much of his time alone.

“I wish I had the right words, to like… encourage you and things like that. But there is nothing.” I hold him tighter for a moment, then I let go. “We got to do this. I’ll make you breakfast after.”

“Pancakes?” There is a little smile in Sterling’s words.

“Sure. Pancakes.” I nod, just when I thought that he may be tired of them by now.

Sterling reaches out and holds the doorknob for a moment before he pushes it open. The inside is exactly as I imagined it. Books all around the walls, a huge computer on one end and a lot of other stuff stashed in this room. It almost looks like he just kept moving to this room when the guest room got too full, or the other way around… Sterling steps inside and looks around, his eyes filling with tears, and he holds himself tightly.

I can’t say anything, I don’t have any words because I’m trying really hard not to show how much this affects me too. It reminds me of how Logan used to be, the way he’d organise his ‘work room’ in our house. I’m not surprised his room looks like this, not at all.

Sterling walks to the computer and pushes a button on the side. The thing comes to live, and he sits in the chair, no, slumps in it. The login screen pops up, and he types in the password. And the next moment, we’re faced with not one, but three pictures of Logan, Sterling and Maddy, because Logan doesn’t have one screen, but three screens, lined up side by side. Sterling gasps and whimpers.

I’m right there next to him, wrapping my arms around him tightly, holding him. Fuck. This is just cruel. How can Sterling even do anything here now?

Sterling holds onto me tightly as he sobs, his tears soaking my shirt and I grasp onto him as I break too. I’ve been able to keep myself up pretty well this whole time. But this… This just breaks me. I can’t ignore it, not this, this out of all the things that have been happening these past days.

“Wild…” Sterling’s voice is soft. “I can’t…” He shakes his head. “I can’t do this.”

“It’s okay. Let’s get out of here.” I help him out of the chair, making sure I’m between him and the screens. I close the door behind me, and Sterling breaks apart in my arms, a sobbing mess that I don’t know how to make better. I’m not the one who can fix this, the only one who can isn’t here anymore. I lift him as best as I can and carry him to the guest room, making him lie down on the bed. I pull the blanket over him and sit down on the floor next to the bed.

Fuck this. Fuck this shit. I wrap my arms around myself tightly, my own tears too strong. This was so not planned.

“I’m sorry.” Sterling’s voice is soft. “I shouldn’t have pulled you along in this. That wasn’t right. Fuck.”

I turn to him, looking at the broken man on the bed, the man who tries to be strong, no matter how hurt he is. “No apologising. Let’s try again later, or tomorrow. It will be hard, but we’ll get through this. This can’t be helped.” I reach out, touching his wet cheek. “I’d rather be with you myself than you doing this on your own or with someone from Logan’s family.”

He closes his eyes and nods. “I’d rather have you with me too.” He lets out a shaking breath. “I’m still sorry for breaking down.”

“Don’t be.” I try to smile at him. “You just stay here, rest a little. I’ll go make breakfast.” I stand up, calmly leaving the room, a calm that I don’t feel inside. Fuck. I close the door behind me most of the way, then I look at the other door, Logan’s office. Logan is and stays Logan, that much is clear. I walk past the door and make my way to the kitchen. Tears stream down my cheeks. This is getting really messed up now.

First, I was Logan’s mate. Then, Sterling was just Logan’s mate. Now, Sterling’s also my mate? But also… How can I protect him when the one hurting him is the one I was also mated to? And why does it hurt two ways? First, it hurts to see Logan with someone else, but also, it hurts to see Sterling with someone else. It’s confusing, and I don’t know what to do about it, or even how I can fix any of this.

I start making pancakes, trying to calm myself down, trying really hard because Sterling can’t see me like this. The lying is starting to hurt more and more, but also, I don’t want to put that pain on Sterling either.

“Da—Wilder.” Maddy’s voice comes from the doorway.

My heart beats loudly, and I need a moment to overcome this twist in my chest. When I turn around, Maddy is standing in the doorway, in her pyjamas, her eyes big as she looks at me. “Morning, princess.”

“Morning.” Her voice is soft, and she looks down, walking over to her chair and climbing on it.

“Did you sleep well?” I try to act normal, but we both know what she was about to say.

She nods. “Are you making pancakes?”

“Yeah. Again.” I try to smile at her because she looks so upset by what she just almost did.

“I like pancakes.” She plays with her fingers, and I go over to her, kneel down next to her.

“I know. Are you okay?”

“I’m sorry. That was bad.” Her bottom lip trembles.

I put my hand on her head. “It’s okay. I’m not upset. And it’s good that I’m making pancakes, right?”

She nods.

“Do you have any preferences for shapes?” I go back to the stove, as I was about ready to start baking.

“Aminals.” Sterling’s voice surprises me, and when I look up at him, he looks between us. “I guess we’re starting a slow morning today.” He sits down on a chair and Maddy climbs in his lap, putting her head on his shoulder. He wraps his arms around her, kissing the top of her head before he looks at me. “It seems like we need a little breather today, eh?”

I nod. Yeah. I guess that we’re all a little wired today, even though it started pretty well.

You’ve been reading Second Chance Mates 2 – My Mate’s Mark



Sterling going into heat was not part of the plan, me marking and mating him even less so.

The whole day I’ve been able to resist him until we both can’t fight our needs for each other and the pressure of Sterling’s heat anymore.

I’m supposed to make his life easier, not harder.


Being stuck in bed most of the day doesn’t help the thoughts running through my head. Especially not after seeing a mating mark on Wilder’s shoulder.

This man is here to help me, but all I want is to find out about his past, even though he’s trying to help me face mine.


But the clock is ticking… Wilder’s only here for one week…

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