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Second Chance Mates 1 – My Alpha’s Secret – Chapter 5&6

What would you do if at your Alpha's funeral you find out that he used to have another mate? Read Second Chance Mates for free! No downloads!

Suddenly, you’ve got a family you didn’t expect to have…

– Rosa Swann, author of Mated to the Alpha

RATED SS for super steamy!!

Chapter 5 - My Alpha's Secret, an omegaverse non-shifter mpreg romance


When I wake up I’m confused for a moment, the room I’m in is bright, sun shining through the windows, but even more odd is the weight in my lap. It takes me a moment to orient myself, to realise where I am and who the man in my lap is. Sterling. Yesterday is mostly a blur, so many things going on all at once, and then to have to face the fact that my mate, my Logan, is really gone. I move a little and Sterling lets out a soft sound.

Then his eyes open, slowly blinking before his stormy greys settle on me. His eyebrows lower before he sits up. “Hey.”

“Hey.” I move a little more, stretching my muscles. “How did you sleep?”

“A lot?” He turns to me. “Sorry for falling asleep like that. I guess I just needed to close my eyes for a moment.”

“It’s okay. It was probably long overdue.” I stand up slowly, stretching my sore muscles, both from the sudden outburst of chopping all the wood yesterday and sitting in the same position for hours. “Do you want breakfast?”

Sterling nods, his features still soft from being sleepy. “And coffee?”

I smile a little. “I’ll see what I can find.” I make my way over to the kitchen before I properly take a breath. Seeing Sterling in the morning like this, before my brain really kicks in, I realise how beautiful he is. I get why Logan was attracted to him. If it wasn’t a fucked up situation like this, I may have even been interested in him. But it is, and that means that he’ll never be more than Logan’s mate to me. Logan’s other mate.

I reach up, running my fingers over the back of where my neck and shoulder meet. Logan’s bite mark is still there. Supposedly, that only happens with your true mate. But, if Logan hadn’t also marked and mated Sterling, he shouldn’t have been able to get pregnant… right?

“Wilder?” Maddy is standing right in front of me, looking at me with Sterling’s eyes, but Logan’s soft blue colour.

“Morning. Did you sleep well?” I start moving again, finding the coffee maker and the grounds and filters for it. It’s weird to just automatically know where everything is, to see how set Logan was in his ways all these years. As the scent of coffee, the same brand he drank a decade ago too, starts to fill the kitchen I take the leftover pancakes from the fridge. I look down at Maddy, who is still quiet.

Tears are streaming down her cheeks and as she opens her mouth, the only thing coming out is a big sob.

Oh, hell. I quickly cross the kitchen and as soon as I’m near enough, she latches onto me. “What’s wrong?”

“I dreamed about Dad coming home.” The sobs and tears don’t let up and I wrap my arms around her. Poor girl. Dreaming about someone who is gone, waking up after that… Those days are the worst. She looks at me. “I know that’s impossible. But I still dreamed about it.”

“It’s okay to sometimes dream about him. We all do. He was very important to all of us, so in our heads we’ll sometimes still see him. And that’s okay. It’s okay to miss him and to feel sad.” I kneel down in front of her, taking her in my arms tighter, my heart broken like hers. When I look up, Sterling is staring at me from the doorway, tears in his eyes, harsh lines set around his mouth as he tries to keep quiet. Damnit. Then he turns around and leaves. I want to go after him, comfort him too, but I know that he needs time on his own. I’m there for the both of them, but Maddy I can comfort, Sterling… he requires different help. “Hey, how do you want your pancakes?”

“I don’t know.” She lets go of me and looks at the stack. “Pancakes for breakfast too.”

“Yeah.” I stand up and check the fridge, spotting bacon and I know from last night that they still have some golden syrup. “I’ve got an idea.” I chop the bacon, fry it in the frying pan, chop up the pancakes and add them. When that’s all nice and hot and crispy, I pile it onto three plates, adding the syrup. “Here you go.”

Maddy stares at it for a moment, but then she digs in. Closing her eyes as she makes a content sound. That is one fed, now the other.

Just as I’m about to go look for Sterling, he walks back into the kitchen, changed into clean clothes and looking at least a little fresher. He eyes the plate of food in front of him. “Long time since I had this. Logan made me this a couple of times when I was pregnant with Maddy.” He ruffles her hair as she is still happily munching away on her breakfast. “Maybe that is why she loves pancakes so much.” He lets out a little laugh, and it’s a combination between a painful and a loving memory.

The rest of the breakfast is relatively calm. We talk a little about our lives, we eat and sometimes, we get lost in thought. After breakfast, Sterling shows me around the garden, around their fields. I saw some of it yesterday, but I didn’t really pay much attention to my surroundings then. He talks about their vegetable garden, their chickens, their sheep. About how everything runs here on a day-to-day base. There is a sadness in his voice, but also a pride in all the things they have done here. Sometimes Maddy is with us, other times she is playing inside or even tending to the small patch of garden that is her own. I’m surprised by how responsible she seems with it, then again, she may just be showing off for me, even just a little, anything to distract herself. Even though Logan was never really an outside person, I can see his stamp on the things around me, the way the rows of vegetables are placed, or the way the design of the whole garden allows a sense of openness while also being sheltered. It makes the way that Sterling has influenced his life so much more obvious. Looking around, I can see the attraction to a life like this, the calm, the routine, the way everything grows and blooms. It feels homely.

As I’m staring at their little flock of sheep, Sterling touches my arm. “Thank you for being here. I don’t know if I could do this on my own. I’m not sure if I’d have been able to get up out of bed. Before yesterday, there was this feeling like I had to just keep living for one more day. But, after the funeral… I feel lost.”

“You’ll be fine. Not today, not tomorrow, and things will never be the same again, but you’ll get through it. And I’m not even doing anything.” I look at him, at how he fights to get his words out.

“You’re here. Someone to make sure that I’m doing okay. It helps.” He looks around, his eyes on all the different parts of the garden. “It took us years to build this, and it will take many more years before it’s finished.”

“You’ll make it happen. And I’m sure Maddy will be a great help.” I smile a little as Maddy has run off to hug one of the sheep, talking excitedly at them.

“Our animal whisperer.” Sterling follows my gaze, there is a pride in his eyes that brings a lump to my throat. That pride, I can imagine it was the same for Logan, and now he’ll never see his little girl grow up.

We startle as my phone rings. I check the caller ID, Sarah. So, she did have my number. Then why didn’t she call me? Why did I have to hear about Logan through my sister? Anger rises, but I still pick up the phone. “Yes?”

“Is Sterling okay? And Maddy?” Sarah sounds panicked.

That catches me off guard. “Yeah, they’re fine. We’re in the garden.”

“Oh, good.” Her voice calms down and she lets out a breath. “I couldn’t get a hold of them. Can you put Sterling on the phone?”

I look at Sterling, who is still standing next to me. “Sarah wants to talk to you.”

He nods. “Sure.”

I hand him the phone and as he walks a little off, I make my way inside. The clock, and my stomach, tell me it’s time for lunch, so I start on that. After a while I’m joined by both Sterling and Maddy, and lunch goes much the same way as breakfast. And I realise that I like it. I like spending my time with these two. It’s so much better than living on my own, having people to share the everyday stuff with. I forgot what it was like to not be alone all the time. After lunch, we’re back to the garden. Sterling orders me around, telling me to lift things, move things, hold things. He’s probably used to, if I compare the things Logan knew about gardens and growing things and what I see around me, I’m convinced that most of it is Sterling’s influence.

The work is exhausting, but it keeps us busy, keeps us moving. I guess it’s easier to keep our body moving than our brain. When we get inside for dinner, we’re all tired, exhausted. On our way in, Sterling turns on the oven, letting it heat up.

“I think we’re all up for some pizza, right?” He looks at me.

“I guess.” Though, I’m in no state to cook right now, preferably not move at all for the rest of the day.

“You got any preference?” He opens the freezer.

“Something with meat on it?” I’m easy.

“Got that.”

“I want Hawaiian.” Maddy bounces over to him. That kids can have so much energy after a whole day outside, I don’t get it.

“Yes, you can have a Hawaiian pizza.” He smiles as he pulls out two pizzas and slides them into the oven. “Now we wait. Maddy, can you go clean up and get changed into your pjs?”

Maddy’s covered in dirt. She frowns, but then complies, wandering off in the direction of their bedrooms.

“Is she always like that?” I look after her.

“Like what?” Does Sterling sound amused?

“That… active?” I look up at him, but that doesn’t answer my question.

“She’s a kid. So, yeah.” He sits down at the table. “It’s miraculous how active kids can be sometimes.”

“Hmmm, I’m envious.”

Sterling really laughs this time. “Yeah, me too. Bouncing back so easily sometimes.” His voice trails off and for a while we’re both quiet. Each with our own thoughts, unable to break the silence.

Then Maddy storms back into the kitchen, looking at us both. “Time for pizza?”

Sterling stands back up, looking into the oven. “Almost.” He grabs us all plates and then a knife to slice the pizza. When he comes over to grab some glasses behind me, a sudden wisp of his scent stirs something inside me. I look up at him, but he doesn’t seem to notice what’s happening. “What?”

“Nothing.” I suppress whatever I’m feeling, just unacceptable things my body is doing to me. “Nothing.” I repeat as I stand up. “I’ll grab the pizzas.” As I move slightly away from him, the feeling also seems to disappear.

“Sure. Thanks.” Sterling steps aside so I can get past him, and again, his scent brings sensations to my body.

I grab the pizzas from the oven and start slicing them as we all sit down at the table. During dinner, my eyes keep falling on Sterling, but I look away each time I catch myself. I guess I’m really not used to spending so much time with an adult, especially a very good looking one.

As Sterling gets Maddy to bed, I clean the kitchen and somehow get stuck looking at some note Logan has left on the fridge, his sprawling handwriting still as bad as ever. I take a deep breath, willing myself out of the kitchen and into the living room before I turn into a mess. I sit on the couch, turning on the TV and just going through the channels, not settling on anything.

After a while, Sterling joins me, his face slightly flushed. “Oof, luckily she was exhausted.”

“What happened?”

“She didn’t feel like going to sleep. But after only half a story, she was out like a light.” He smiles and huffs for a moment. “Did you turn up the heating?”

“No, why?” I look around, I wouldn’t even have a clue where to do such a thing.

“Don’t you think it’s warm here?” He looks at me, confused.

“No. But you do look a little red.” I reach out, only the moment my fingers touch his hand, he pulls back like he’s been stung.

He lets out a low curse, his face heating up more as he stands up, looking around the room. “Where’s my phone?” He’s starting to sound panicked.

“On the table?” I wave to the other side of the room and as he walks past me, his scent hits me again, this time I can’t help it, out of nowhere I spring wood. Fuck.

Sterling grabs his phone from the table and starts tapping and swiping at it. His movements get more erratic, more panicked. “Fuck. No.” His voice breaks. “This is the cruelest.” He flees from the living room, his footsteps sounding down the hall before they go up the stairs. Then I hear rumbling, cursing and tossing in the bathroom above me, before another loud noise and everything goes silent.

I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but I follow him anyway. Grieving people can do stupid things and he didn’t look like everything was going all right. As I make my way to the bathroom, the scent surrounds me more and more. My body starts heating up too, I’m now hard as a rock and no matter how hard I try, it’s not going down. Fuck. So inappropriate right now.

I try to to open the bathroom door but it’s locked. Inside, Sterling lets out a strangled, “no.”

I eye the door next to it, Logan and Sterling’s bedroom, I know that it also has access to the bathroom. Fuck it. Of course I don’t want to be invading his privacy, or be reminded of their life together, but Sterling is in pain and my body is messing up too. I open the door to the bedroom and as I step through it, I see that the door to the bathroom is already open.

“Sterling?” His scent intensifies and starts to chip away at my self control. I want to have Sterling, I want to mark him, make him mine. But he isn’t, he can’t be. Only, fighting that instinct, it’s getting harder and harder.

I round the corner to the bathroom, and inside Sterling is sitting on the floor, surrounded by the contents of the medicine cabinet. He’s no longer wearing a shirt and the flush has spread lower over his chest. His breath is coming out in little pants, his eyes glazed over a little. He looks both in pain, but also really turned on, like his body is preparing for sex.

Fuck. I’ve never been near an Omega in heat, but it’s so obvious what’s going on here. How did I not catch this earlier? And why am I so affected by it? I’m not Sterling’s mate, I should not be affected by his scent when he’s in heat.

Sterling’s eyes settle on me, he reaches out. “Wild. Hold me. Please.” He licks his lips, his breath harsh.

I can’t deny him. I’m next to him, on my knees, wrapping my arms around him an instant later. Slowly, my self control is slipping away. I need to leave, or bad things will happen. “Star…”

He looks up, for a moment lucid and aware of what’s going on. “I’m so sorry you got caught up in all of this.” Then his hands start to wander, specifically downward.

It takes all my strength, but I grab his wrists. “You said to hold you, not…” Fuck him?

Sterling’s laugh has no humour in it. “There is only one way an Alpha can hold an Omega who is in heat. What did you think I was asking? How naive are you?” He comes up some, pulling his hands from mine easily, then he starts tugging on my jeans, trying to get them off.

When his hand slides into my jeans, having given up on opening them, the last bit of my self control snaps and I shove at him, pushing him over so he’s sprawled out in front of me. His eyes connect with mine and he licks his lips. I need to have this man. I need this man. Now!

I’m sorry, Logan. I’m sorry, Star.

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Chapter 6 - My Alpha's Secret, an omegaverse non-shifter mpreg romance


The cold tiles in the bathroom don’t do anything to lessen this burning sensation inside. With everything going on lately, I had forgotten that my heat would be coming on soon. And on top of that, since Logan and I decided that we wanted another kid… I hadn’t gotten any medication after my last heat. How could I have been so stupid?

Wilder’s hands rove over me, setting me aflame even more. How can his touch feel so good when it’s so wrong? He reaches down, his hands over the top of my jeans. I’m not sure what is going on exactly before he lets out a curse. “Your heat is messing with my brain. I’m not used to doing this.”

I reach down, opening my jeans before moving up and opening his too. Fuck modesty. There’s nothing modest about being in heat. My body’s on fire and, without medication, there is only one way to release that. I pull at his jeans, trying to get them off him. As I pull, I feel his muscles tense under my touch. So strong, so hard.

Wilder pushes me away, moving my arms up as he hovers over me, his normally sharp eyes have clouded over with lust. “Stay still.”

I nod, even though I’m itching to touch him all over. I’m way too hot but also curious as to what he’ll do.

He pushes his hands into my pants, rubbing me over my boxer briefs. I can’t help the moan I let out. He comes closer, his lips ghosting over my chest, over my skin, like he’s trying to taste me but doesn’t dare. Then, in one rough move, he pulls my jeans down, leaving me in just my boxer briefs. Even though I’m still wearing clothes, under his gaze I feel exposed, naked, and still so hot. “Fuck, you’re amazing.” His voice is hoarse and he reaches out, touching me over my boxer briefs.

I buck up into his hand. I need more. More touching. More fucking. I roll my hips but Wilder keeps me in place. He looks up, meeting my eyes, stopping my breath for a moment.

“I’m in charge here now.” He lets out a little growl, pulls my boxer briefs down and wraps his hand around me.

My eyes roll back into my head, the sudden touch welcome but overwhelming. Yes. Need. Need so much.

He moves his hand up and down, slowly at first, but then quicker. The sound of slick skin echoes through the bathroom, just like my moans. And then his hand is gone.

When I open my eyes, he’s quickly trying to undress, peeling his jeans off him, and then his boxer briefs. If I hadn’t felt him up already earlier, I may have been intimidated by the man in front of me. And, even though I expected it, I’m still surprised by his size.

He rubs his hand over himself a couple of times before he leans over me, taking both our dicks in one hand. Something I’m not sure I’d be able to achieve myself, wrapping my hand around the both of us at the same time. Damn.

“Wild.” I gasp, grasping onto his shoulders and holding tight. It’s still not enough, but the skin-on-skin contact is so good.

“Star.” He breathes into my neck. “You smell so good. Need you.” He rolls his hips and we both moan out. Then he lets go and his hand slides lower, over the inside of my thigh, cupping my balls for a moment before moving further down. As he slides over my hole, teasing but not breaching yet, he lets out a low and appreciative growl. “So wet.”

My brain can barely register more than a chant of ‘Yes! Yes! Yes!’. Of course I’m slippery. I’m in heat. It’s one of the, potentially embarrassing, side effects: certain parts of my body producing enough slippery so I can have all the sex my body craves. “Fuck me.” I moan and pull on his shoulders, trying to get him closer.

“Almost.” Wilder slips in one digit, moving in and out, then he adds another, and another, fucking me with three fingers at the same time. It’s better, much better, though not enough. “Fuck. You’re amazing. Taking me in like this.” There is a sense of awe in his voice. He pulls out of me before leaning over me on one arm, looking at me closely. Then I can feel how he manoeuvres his dick to my entrance, just sliding over.

“Fuck me.” My voice has taken on a tone of desperation. I need him.

In one movement he takes my mouth in a kiss, silencing me, as he pushes into me in a single fluid motion. I can feel him slide all the way in. Breaching me, filling me, taking every thought away. Just me, getting fucked. Satisfying my need. It’s nearly too much, on the thin line between pain and pleasure, but right now, it’s just right.

Wilder’s hips roll fast, keeping up speed and friction. Leaving my mind on a constant roller coaster of feelings and sensations. Fuck! Yes! He reaches between us, wrapping his hand around my dick and moving it in time with his hips. So, so good! Right now, there is nothing in the world but the way Wilder touches me, the way he fucks me senseless. The way he takes me like my body craves.

His erratic movements start to slow down, I try to move my hips to keep it going, but he stops me, his hand heavy on my hips.

I let out a low whine as he pulls out, but when I meet his eyes, he seems no more clearer than before. Then he grabs my hips and pulls me up, turning me over so I’m on my knees.

“Much better,” he whispers close to my ear and a shiver goes through me. Much better? What?

Before my brain can catch up with what is happening, he puts one hand over my mouth and one hand on my hip, gripping me tight before he sinks his dick into me, rough and deep. The sound trying to come out of me gets muffled by his hand and I feel his breath on the back of my neck as he keeps pushing into me. My body starts to shake, maybe in anticipation of what is coming next, like my body can feel what will be happening even before I’m aware of it.

Wilder slides his hand to the front, wrapping his rough fingers around me again, fucking me so I’m moving into his hand.

My body tumbles over the edge, shooting as he runs his thumb over the head of my dick. He pulls every squirt from me, milking me for all I have. As the haze of my orgasm starts to settle, he holds onto me, keeping the energy going with small movements of his hips. Slow, easy movements. But he’s still going and, as far as I know, he hasn’t come yet. I swallow hard. Damnit, I didn’t expect this.

He kisses my shoulder, sending shivers down my spine. “So beautiful.” He touches me all over, first softly but soon the touches get more deliberate and I can feel my body react to him. Really? Already? Can’t a man get a little rest? Apparently, that’s not what my body wants.

He runs his fingers over one of my nipples and I let out a gasp, surprised by the sudden sensation. Wow. His low laugh is hot, giving me butterflies in my tummy. He does it again, running his fingers over my nipple and then softly squeezing the little bud.

I let out a moan. My body is starting to get ready again, starting to become more and more hot, or maybe I never really cooled down, I just thought I did.

Wilder is still fucking me slowly, his fingers on my hip undeniable, they’re going to leave a mark tomorrow. He squeezes my nipple and snaps his hips at the same time. Pushing sounds from me that I try to muffle with my arm. We can’t be too loud.

“Wild.” I try to reach out to him. Wanting, no, needing to touch him.

Only, he slaps my hands away. “Hold onto the edge of the bath.” His voice is rough and almost animalistic. When I don’t immediately comply, he snaps his hips again, nearly pushing me off balance.

I grab for the edge, holding on tight, unsure about what is to come next.

Wilder moves a little, finding a different angle, before he rolls his hips. Wild, rough movements that push at me. Keep pushing me, sending sensations through my body. But also, I can feel him start to lose control, his fingers rougher, his movements less controlled.

He grabs me in one hand as he reaches up with his other, flicking at my nipples, before he leans over me more, engulfing me in his embrace. He fucks me with one arm around my chest and the other hand on my dick.

I’m quickly losing control too. His harsh breath only adding to my excitement.

“Fuck. So good.” He nuzzles the back of my neck and that brings my whole body to prime attention.

Slowly I’m losing myself in everything, in his touch, his scent, his embrace. The edge coming closer and closer again at a scary speed. I’m not sure how much longer I can keep holding on and not just come again.

“Star.” Wilder’s voice sounds strangled, so far from his normal calm self. His hips snap and I feel him grow inside of me, ready to come, it’s all I need to topple over the edge too.

Only, instead of a moan, a blinding pain at the back of my neck where it meets my shoulder, is what calls in my release. My whole body tenses, shooting into Wilder’s hand and onto the side of the bath, before I relax for a moment and Wilder’s teeth break through the skin, sending me over the edge again in a way I didn’t imagine possible. I come so hard I’m seeing stars and I can feel Wilder come too, filling me up, his dick growing as he slicks me up inside.

But there is no moment to enjoy what has happened because my brain and body are ripped apart as I come down from my high. There is just one thing on my mind. Wilder marked me. Wilder mated me! I start shivering in his arms, not the good kind, the bad kind. My whole body is bucking under my own weight, losing all strength.

He slides out of me, keeping me tight as he’s shaking too, his muscles tensing under his skin. Out of nowhere, he wraps a towel around me and slowly lets me down onto the floor.

When I meet his eyes, I can see the same panic, the same confusions there as I feel inside. How can he mark me? How can he mate me when I buried my Alpha, my mate, just a day ago?

I feel sick, bile rising in my throat. No. This cannot be happening. Logan was my mate. You only mate once. That’s how it goes. You mate once and stay together until the end. It takes me a moment before I realise Wilder is talking.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that this could even happen.” He starts to grab his things, trying to get dressed, but his hands shake too much. He appears to be as upset about this as I am. Which confuses me even more.

After mating, only a true mate should be affected by an Omega’s heat, or, at least, affected to the point where they lose the ability to resist their own urges. I mated with Logan. So, why was Wilder so affected by me?

He kneels down next to me, all lust gone, just worry and panic in his eyes. “I’ll leave. Right now. This should never have happened.” As he tries to stand up again I grab his arm.

“Stay. You can’t leave now.” My voice wavers but I can’t be alone. I can’t do anything on my own when I’m in heat, there is just no way.

He nods, but I can see he doesn’t like it.

“Get me to my bed.” I hold onto my last shred of confusion, because the other emotions rising inside me, I don’t want to deal with them in front of Wilder.

He helps me up carefully, leading me to the bed and helping me under the covers. Then he quietly leaves the room.

As soon as the door closes behind him, tears start to roll down my cheeks and sobs wrack my body.

Why? How? What the hell is going on? I need my mate, I need Logan.

You’ve been reading Second Chance Mates 1 – My Alpha’s Secret


Ten years ago, Logan left me. He told me that two Alphas cannot be together, he told me that our mating wasn’t real.
Yesterday, my sister called me and told me that Logan passed away, leaving behind an Omega and a child.
Today, I’m at Logan’s funeral. Why am I offering to look after his little family?

Logan and I had everything we wanted: a house, a beautiful daughter and lots of big dreams. Then he was ripped away from us in a car crash.
His family is too busy to help me out after the funeral, so one of Logan’s old friends steps in.
Only, in all the commotion, I didn’t keep an eye on the calendar, and my heat starts at the most inconvenient of times.
And why is Logan’s friend reacting to my heat? Only true mates are supposed to react to a mated Omega…

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