Our Fate’s Blooming (Blossoming of Fate 10) – Rosa Swann

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Two brand new parents, a brand new life…







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Two brand new parents, a brand new life…

Now that Fynn is born, we’re creating a new life for our family. Getting used to a new schedule isn’t always the easiest, but the broken nights and constant exhaustion makes it even worse.
But we’re keeping going, as we always do. It’s different, definitely different, but then, what’s a life that doesn’t constantly chance anyway?
As long as I’ve got Seb, I can do anything.

Going from being a student to being a parent is quite the change. Luckily, I’ve got my family and friends around to help out, but it’s not always so easy.
I’m not one to sit still, at least, not to sit still for very long. And when I do try to sit still, my head fills with all sorts of ideas of cool things to do.
Now it’s just the question how many of those plans I can actually do…

This is the tenth and final novella about Alpha Destin and Omega Seb in the Blossoming of Fate serial, which takes place in the non-shifter Omegaverse Mates World and contains mpreg (male-pregnancy).

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