My Family’s Promise (Blossoming of Fate 8) – Rosa Swann

My Family’s Promise (Blossoming of Fate 8) by Rosa Swann, the eighth novella in the Blossoming of Fate serial is up for pre-order now and will come out on the 17th of Nov 2021!

Life is changing on all fronts for the two young mates, some changes are good, others not so much…

Time is flying by. With every week filled to the max, I barely have time to breathe some days. The house is almost done, it’s nearly livable, and we’ve started on the final touches, before buying furniture and things like that.
But that also means that Seb’s pregnancy is progressing quickly and it becomes clearer and clearer by the day that he’s pregnant, and it’s making him nervous. Especially with the weather getting warmer, so he can’t hide under a thick sweater anymore.
I’m there for him however I can and however he needs me to be, but sometimes I wish I could do more…

Classes are going fine, the work isn’t too much and I feel like I’m getting some more energy back. But that’s really the extent of the ‘good’ things about being at university.
Now I’m more and more obviously pregnant, people have started to treat me differently and it’s really annoying. Some days I barely want to leave the house because of it, which I know is not a good idea, but I don’t always know what else to do.
Did I make the wrong choice to stay at university for this first year? To not just drop out early? To stubbornly keep going?

This is the eighth novella about Alpha Destin and Omega Seb in the Blossoming of Fate serial by Rosa Swann, which takes place in the non-shifter Omegaverse Mates World and contains mpreg (male-pregnancy).

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