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Why Easily Distracted Media?
Easily Distracted Media allows me one place where I can share all the cool things that my brain comes up with over time. This includes my written fiction but also things like non-fiction articles and books and YouTube videos. The name was chosen because I’m very easily distracted, I’m autistic and ADHD, so I often find myself working on multiple projects at the same time.

Why am I on Patreon?
I’ve been an author for the last two years, and almost all of that time and focus has been on the stories I produce under my Rosa Swann pen name, and while I love writing them, I have more stories to tell. Running three pen names side by side and trying to keep a YouTube channel updated is hard work and I’m doing almost all of that on my own.
In the last year, I’ve started to run into two problems. Firstly, keeping separate pen names is hard work, but doing cross-pen name promotion isn’t always a good idea either because of different branding and fan bases (especially if you have no idea if people will be interested). Secondly, I’ve been starting to produce things that either aren’t sellable products (youtube videos or blog posts) or things where people may want to support me but where a system isn’t as easily in place long-term (weekly chapter updates on Tapas for Emmy Engberts).
While I’m pretty good at creating stories and things like that, I’m really bad at some other parts of the publishing process. Gaining a steady flow of income through Patreon means that I can free up my own time to create more by hiring other people to take over some tasks, and this means I can use that extra time up for projects and ideas that I currently can’t work on (for example designing my Easily Distracted Planner-planner or writing an Urban Fantasy book series) because of the pressure to make enough money to keep supporting myself financially.

What’s in it for you?

Of course, this isn’t all about me, this is also about you! If you support this Patreon you will get access to:
$1 pledge – Easily Distracted
– Early access of 2 to 4 chapters ahead of publishing schedule for Emmy Engberts’ stories.
– Updates on project progression on all projects.
– Excerpts of upcoming novels and projects.

$5 pledge – Digitally Distracted
– All of the above.
– Ebook copies of all my books and stories as they’re published (currently that is a Rosa Swann novella every 2 weeks, other stories will slot in as they fit).
– Early access to blog posts and other creations.

$10 pledge – Physically Distracted
– All of the above.
– Flyers, cards, and other small swag plus a handwritten thank you note sent to your door every couple of months. I make book cover cards for Rosa Swann of every series and serial that I write, I also have bookmarks for Skylar Heart and Emmy Engberts for the books and stories. I love these things and I think that you will too!

$40 pledge – Ultimately distracted
– All of the above.
– Signed paperback copy of every book that I release in paperback as they come out. Serials from Rosa Swann tend to be released in half-serial volumes and Emmy Engberts and Skylar Heart have full-length novel paperback releases.

What are all those different pen names and how do they compare?
All of the stories I write have a few common elements; they aren’t generally fluffy, they deal with real and realistic storylines and they feature positive representation of marginalised people.

Emmy Engberts
Author of Young Adult stories with a diverse cast. The main features of these stories are LGBTQIA and neurodiverse main characters. These stories have no sex in them but can have some difficult scenes.

Skylar Heart
Author of sexy New Adult romances. These are books with straight couples, bad boys, sexy times (yes, sexy sex scenes) and lots of emotions. The main features are characters who deal with more direct (mental) health issues like depression, anorexia and loss. They’re a little darker and more gritty than Emmy’s stories, but they still present a positive outlook in the end.

Rosa Swann
Author of sexy gay romances. This is my main pen name and the main project I focus on as it’s my only source of income currently. Most of the work on this pen name is mpreg books, so they feature men getting pregnant in a world where this is possible. For the last year, all these stories have been taking place in a single world called ‘Omegaverse Mates World’. The main feature of these stories is a focus on societal imbalances of (gender) roles in a restrictive society and characters who deal with (spousal) abuse, depression, loss and what happens when you don’t conform to the roles society gives you. These stories have sex scenes and feature two or three men being in relationships.

Yes. I’ve been running a blog for a long time (different blogs at different times), but when I got more involved with the planner and the ADHD communities I realised that blog posts aren’t everyone’s thing. So, I decided to start doing videos of some of the blog posts to make them more accessible.
And so, Easily Distracted Planner was born. I’ve uploaded ‘Plan With Me’ videos, where I show how I plan my week, a planner unboxing video and the start of an ‘Intro into Planning’ series that I really want to continue. I’ve filmed a couple more videos but because of time restraints, they’ve not been edited and uploaded yet.
The focus of the planner videos is showing and explaining how planning can work for people who have ADHD, autism or other neurodiversities, or for those who just haven’t found the right planning method yet.


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