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New Year, New Style Giveaway 5!!

A new giveaway!!! We’re almost there now!! I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be posting about on the blog when these are over…


This time you can win three paperbacks of my lesbian romance novels! They’re by far not as angsty as my gay romance or my straight romance, they’re rather on the sweet side of things, but I adore them! I don’t have a picture of all three paperbacks together yet, as the last one has only been out a week now (see previous blog post) and I’ve not received a paperback copy yet (Amazon’s ‘author copies’ option is soooo slow!). I will have the copy by the time the giveaway ends, I can promise you that!

Of all my pen names, this is my newest one, it’s ‘related’ to the Emmy Engberts pen name in that they’re stories about queer women, but unlike the Emmy books, these are adult romances (though fairly light on the sex). They’re not high angst, but very character driven. And they take place on one of the Dutch mudflat islands, Schiermonnikoog. They’re all in English, apart from a couple of street names and the name of the island, it’s totally in English. You do get to know a lot about the island as each story shows a different side to it. Also, every story has at least one character with a really cute dog who are all Dutch breeds. Dogs are adorable and silly!

The three books in this giveaway are:

Second Chance at Christmas, a Christmas romance, more in that it takes place over Christmas than anything else, and this story features one of the women dealing with snow in boots that aren’t meant to deal with snow.

A Card for Valentine’s, a Valentine’s romance, lots of crafts going on and they’re going ice skating without skates because it hadn’t exactly been planned…

A Blooming Spring Love, a Spring romance, loads about flowers (especially hyacinths) and a very emotional scene in a classroom.

Just two out of three, since the third one’s paperback copy hasn’t arrived yet…

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What I love so much about these is the back of the books! So cute! I just love how cuddly they look!


And the promo picture so you can see all three covers together:


Good luck!!


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