New Year, New Style Giveaway 4!!

These books were the ones that let me go full-time as an author! Four books in the fourth giveaway!

The Mated to the Alpha serial not only started my career, but was at the start of a much bigger genre move in gay romance, the start of mpreg (male pregnancy) going almost mainstream. It’s hard now to imagine that before 2015, mpreg was not a thing in gay romance, when just in the top 50 today there are more of them than I can count on a single hand. The Mated to the Alpha serial (starting with Omega’s Fate) was right at the start of it all, and it was amazing to watch unfold.

The other three books are The Baby Pact Trilogy, which were quite another type of amazing experience as they’ve been among my best ranking books at release ever. I could never have done it without our amazing fans! So many memories!

If you’re not so sure if you’re into or up to paranormal mpreg books, you can read the first part of the Mated to the Alpha serial for free: Omega’s Fate

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