Second Chance Mates 1 – My Alpha’s Secret – Chapter 1&2

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– Rosa Swann, author of Mated to the Alpha

Chapter 1 - My Alpha's Secret, an omegaverse non-shifter mpreg romance

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New Year, New Style Giveaway 6!!

A week later than expected, I was working my ass off getting everything ready for YALFest, which was amazing BTW!!


BUT, here is the final giveaway of the New Year, New Style giveaways! You can win all three paperbacks in The Vampire's Past Trilogy.

This trilogy is part of a much bigger world, two stories of which I wrote way back when I was a baby writer (I may rewrite them so I can publish them at some point, when I've got space in my schedule… Haha… ha… ha… hmmm…). This trilogy I'd already started on almost a decade ago, but it disappeared into my rabbit hole of story ideas. When I restarted it, I grabbed the old version (which is most of the first book, I was far from finished with it), made a broad outline of what I'd done and then I literally wrote the story from scratch from page one. After finishing the Omegaverse Mates World serials, I wanted something totally different, which this is. It's vampires, vampire hunters, sexy long-haired guys and lots of sweet and sexy (okay, those last two are also in the OMW serials, but I guess that's just who I am…).

The trilogy starts with His to Protect, then His to Guard and finally His to Rescue, and they're all following the same couple, Sean and Jules. Fun fact, until days before the publication of the first book, it was still called ‘Sean', not His to Protect.

Here they are right next to each other!!

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New Year, New Style Giveaway 4!!

These books were the ones that let me go full-time as an author! Four books in the fourth giveaway!

The Mated to the Alpha serial not only started my career, but was at the start of a much bigger genre move in gay romance, the start of mpreg (male pregnancy) going almost mainstream. It's hard now to imagine that before 2015, mpreg was not a thing in gay romance, when just in the top 50 today there are more of them than I can count on a single hand. The Mated to the Alpha serial (starting with Omega's Fate) was right at the start of it all, and it was amazing to watch unfold.

The other three books are The Baby Pact Trilogy, which were quite another type of amazing experience as they've been among my best ranking books at release ever. I could never have done it without our amazing fans! So many memories!

If you're not so sure if you're into or up to paranormal mpreg books, you can read the first part of the Mated to the Alpha serial for free: Omega's Fate

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WIP and Updates: Radish, serials and publications!

Time for a new update! While I keep hoping to do these posts more often, I keep getting distracted, but today I've got a lot of cool things to update you on! Lots of updates on old and new stories and I'm exploring new avenues to reach new readers! Books that are being published on Radish, books that are back on sale and updates on upcoming books.

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Smashwords Read an Ebook Week March 3 – 9!!!

Before I totally forget about this, ALL books by my pen names are available in the Read an Ebook Week promotions on Smashwords!!! These prices are Smashwords only!!

In general, all books and box sets are 50% off with the code EBW50

But, first in series by Rosa Swann are all FREE this week! And so are Shattered by Skylar Heart and Her Elysium by Emmy Engberts!!! Loads of stuff to pick up!!

In order:

E. Engberts – BASE Status: Online – 50% off!!

Emily Engberts – Second Chance at Christmas – 50% off!!

Emily Engberts – A Card for Valentine's – 50% off!!

Emmy Engberts – Her ElysiumFREE!!

Emmy Engberts – The Other Dress – 50% off!!

Rosa Swann – Mated to the Alpha series – First FREE, rest 50% off!! (including box sets!)

Rosa Swann – The Baby Pact Trilogy– First FREE, rest 50% off!! (including box sets!)

Rosa Swann – Second Chance Mates series – First FREE, rest 50% off!! (including box sets!)

Rosa Swann – Making a Family series – First FREE, rest 50% off!! (including box sets!)

Rosa Swann – Omegas' Destined Alpha series – First FREE, rest 50% off!! (including box sets!)

Rosa Swann – The Vampire's Past Trilogy – First FREE, rest 50% off!! (including box sets!)

Skylar Heart – ShatteredFREE!!

Skylar Heart – Unraveled – 50% off!!


Don't forget that this is the last week you can participate in the Omegaverse Mates World giveaway where you can win six paperbacks from the Second Chance Mates series, the Making a Family series and Omegas' Destined Alpha series! Don't forget to sign up: New Year, New Style, Giveaway 2!


ALSO!! The Baby Pact is FREE this week on Kobo, Google Play, Barnes & Noble and iBooks!!! Grab your copy if you haven't read this series yet!!

At the end of the week I'll announce the next giveaway! I'm looking forward to it already!!


Have a great week!

New Year, New Style Giveaway 2!!

Yesterday, the first giveaway ended and it was a great success! Thank you soooo much everyone!!

Today, the second giveaway starts and you can win paperback copies of the whole Omegaverse Mates World series!

These are my contemporary mpreg gay romance stories, mpreg being male-pregnancy. Yes, men who get pregnant and have babies. It's really cute!

That's SIX books in total!

Second Chance Mates Volume 1 and 2

Making a Family Volume 1 and 2

Omegas' Destined Alpha Volume 1 and 2

That's a whole stack of books, just look at them!

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