Smashwords Read an Ebook Week March 3 – 9!!!

Before I totally forget about this, ALL books by my pen names are available in the Read an Ebook Week promotions on Smashwords!!! These prices are Smashwords only!! In general, all books and box sets are 50% off with the code EBW50 But, first in series by Rosa Swann are all FREE this week! And so are Shattered by Skylar Heart and Her Elysium by Emmy Engberts!!! Loads of stuff to pick up!! In order: E. Engberts – BASE Status: Online – 50% off!! Emily Engberts – Second Chance at Christmas – 50% off!! Emily Engberts – A Card for Read More!

BASE Status: Update (BASE Status 2) – E. Engberts

After the new Flowers and Keyboards serial starting up again, I couldn't leave this one behind. So, here is the second book of the BASE Status series! This will update twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday! Some people who may have clicked around here or on the Engberts website, may already have seen that, just like Colour Her, this book is also available for pre-order (everywhere but Amazon because of stupid Amazon rules) while it's running as a serial. The tentative release date for BASE Status: Update as a full book is the 9th of July. If you've not Read More!

New Year, New Style Giveaway 2!!

Yesterday, the first giveaway ended and it was a great success! Thank you soooo much everyone!! Today, the second giveaway starts and you can win paperback copies of the whole Omegaverse Mates World series! These are my contemporary mpreg gay romance stories, mpreg being male-pregnancy. Yes, men who get pregnant and have babies. It's really cute! That's SIX books in total! Second Chance Mates Volume 1 and 2 Making a Family Volume 1 and 2 Omegas' Destined Alpha Volume 1 and 2 That's a whole stack of books, just look at them! Read More!

Colour Her (Flowers and Keyboards 3) – Emmy Engberts

YES! It's here! Today is the launch of the newest book in the Flowers and Keyboards series! You can enjoy two chapters per week of this story, on Wednesdays and on Saturdays! The story will be available on Tapas and Wattpad, AND, this is a new experiment, I've also put the book up on pre-order on Kobo, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and Google Play! The tentative release date for publication is June 7th. I say tentative since it's pretty far off and I know that things can get a little wacky sometimes. There are always a couple of changes between Read More!

New Year, New Style Giveaway 1!!

Today we're starting with the first of many giveaways to celebrate this redesign of my writing life! If you enter below, you can win paperback copies of Her Elysium, The Other Dress and BASE Status: Online. Read More!

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