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Are you looking for a heartwarming story of love, acceptance and found family? Then you’re in the right place as Second Chance Mates by Rosa Swann is available to read online for free!

Follow the story of Alpha Wilder and Omega Sterling as they find a second chance at love after a cruel twist of fate has left them both heartbroken and alone.

Second chance mates stories, what are they about?

Second chance romances are stories about two or more people who used to date, but circumstances forced them apart and follow their journey of finding each other again. These romances are about how they fall back in love, focusing on relearning to trust each other, forgiveness and how their love still lives.

There’s a paranormal spin on these types of stories called ‘second chance mates’. It combines the idea of ‘fated mates’, people destined to be together, and second chance romance elements. How even if you know you’d be perfect together, circumstances can still complicate things.

One place where you often find ‘second chance mates’ stories is in omegaverse worlds.

Omegaverse? What's that?

Omegaverse, a combination of omega and universe, also commonly called A/B/O (for Alpha/Beta/Omega) is a sub-genre of paranormal romance.

In Omegaverse stories, people have not only a gender but also a ‘status’ as an Alpha, Beta or Omega. Alphas are in charge, Betas are similar to our own human world and Omegas are at the bottom of society. This is separate from their gender and is seen as more important than their gender in how people are treated.

These stories can be set in a paranormal world with shifters, or in a non-shifter world closer to our own, but they commonly include heat cycles for Omegas, scenting of mates and marking of their mates.

One common element in gay omegaverse romances is mpreg, short for male pregnancy. These are stories where Omega men can get pregnant and carry a child to term.

What is this story about?

The Second Chance Mates serial follows the romance between Alpha Wilder and Omega Sterling. Two men brought together after the tragic death of Logan, another Alpha.

Wilder and Logan were childhood sweethearts. But in a society that frowns upon two Alphas being together, Logan gave into the pressure from his parents and left Wilder a decade ago.

Logan and Sterling had everything they wanted, a perfect life, an adorable daughter and more plans for their future than they knew what to do with. Until a car crash ripped Logan away from them.

Let yourself get swept away by Wilder and Sterling’s story. As they navigate a new world, learning to live with loss, love and everything that could have been.

What themes does Second Chance Mates explore?

At its heart, Second Chance Mates is a romance series. With the promise that everything will work out in the end, no matter how much adversity the characters have to go through. And Wilder and Sterling go through a lot.

Like dealing with the loss of a loved one. How to find your place in a new reality. Or how to keep living without the person you thought you’d grow old with.

Another important theme is that of family. No matter if those people are bound to you by blood or the strong ties of love and friendship, about how we all create our own families.

And it explores the struggles of having to learn to let go of one life, while also becoming pregnant and welcoming new life into this world. Picking up the pieces and trying to figure out how everything fits together.

Where can you read Second Chance Mates online for free?

There are several places where you can read the first novella of Second Chance Mates, My Alpha’s Secret, online for free. You can find it, for example on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google Play, Kobo, Scribd and others. But only on the Easily Distracted Media website you can read the whole serial online for free.

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My Alpha’s Secret (Second Chance Mates 1)

Chapter 1 & 2 | Chapter 3 & 4 | Chapter 5 & 6 | Chapter 7

My Mate’s Mark (Second Chance Mates 2)

Chapter 1 & 2 | Chapter 3 & 4 | Chapter 5 & 6 | Chapter 7

My Lover’s Will (Second Chance Mates 3)

Chapter 1 & 2 | Chapter 3 & 4 | Chapter 5 & 6 | Chapter 7


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My Omega’s Disaster (Second Chance Mates 4)

Chapter 1 & 2 | Chapter 3 & 4 | Chapter 5 & 6 | Chapter 7

My Family’s Fight (Second Chance Mates 5)

Chapter 1 & 2 | Chapter 3 & 4 | Chapter 5 & 6 | Chapter 7

My Beloved’s Wedding (Second Chance Mates 6)

Chapter 1 & 2 | Chapter 3 & 4 | Chapter 5 & 6 | Chapter 7

My Baby’s Birth (Second Chance Mates 7)

Chapter 1 & 2 | Chapter 3 & 4 | Chapter 5 & 6 | Chapter 7

Our Second Chance Life (Second Chance Mates 8)

Chapter 1 & 2 | Chapter 3 & 4 | Chapter 5 & 6 | Chapter 7

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When you ask the cute Omega frequenting your cafe to be your pretend-husband for the weekend…

I have my pride as an Alpha and I don’t want to be the only unmated Alpha at my younger sister’s wedding.
What’s an Alpha to do? Well, maybe ask the cute Omega who seems to be in need of some cheering up after his Alpha leaves him.
Nothing should go wrong if I invite him to be my fake husband for the weekend, right?

After my sister leaves me her three-month-old to look after, I want to be the parent that she can’t be for him.
Life as a single Omega parent won’t be easy, but I’m sure I can manage. Although, even I can’t resist the looks from the handsome Alpha who runs the cafe I frequent, or the way that he makes me smile during this crappy week.
What could go wrong in accepting to be his fake husband for a weekend?

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