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Omegaverse Mates World

The Omegaverse Mates World consists of multiple serials, all following each other.

The stories in this world start with Second Chance Mates, following Alpha Wilder and Omega Sterling who meet at their Alpha Logan’s funeral, not knowing of the other’s existence up until that point. When Wilder sees that there isn’t anyone helping Sterling through this difficult time, he decides to step in himself.

Then we meet Alpha Clay and Omega Aiden, in Making a Family, when Clay needs a date to his younger sister’s wedding, and Aiden’s younger sister has just left her baby at his place, disappearing into the night. A fake-date turns into much more for these two.

And then, in Omegas’ Destined Alpha, we meet Omegas Zeke and Wes, already in a relationship with each other, though not openly to the rest of the world, and happy to spend their lives that way, until they meet Alpha Nathan, and sparks start to fly. Nathan saw one thing he shouldn’t have seen, a secret kiss between Zeke and Wes, and everything changes, for all of them.

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Omegaverse Mates World


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Dive into the Omegaverse Mates World! This collection includes all three serials taking place in the emotional but also magical world of Omegaverse Mates, where men can get pregnant and families aren’t always bound to you by blood, but instead made up of people you love and who love you!