Emily Engberts (Author)

Emily Engberts writes adult romances with queer women who won’t apologise for being different and who celebrate their differences.

She is Dutch and has lived in the Netherlands for almost all her life apart from when she studied English and Creative Writing at the University of Chichester in England. This really inspired her to make writing her career and has been working towards that goal ever since.

Emily currently lives in Groningen with her partner and lovely cats, and if she’s not writing, you can find her playing videogames or working on one of her many creative projects.


All Emily Engberts’ stories and series are for an adult audience.

Series by Emily Engberts

Seasons on the Island

This three part small-town contemporary romance series starts with Second Chance at Christmas.

Josie doesn’t want to spend yet another Christmas as the only single adult at the family dinner. So, instead, she books a week long holiday to her favourite island. Ready to spend it doing what she loves doing most, long walks on the beach with her dog and reading novels in front of a fire.
What she hasn’t counted on is running into her old summer fling, the one girl she could never forget.

Sanne is freshly heartbroken, and instead of having to deal with her parents’ pitying looks over Christmas dinner, she decides to still go on the winter holiday she’d booked, even if it means going on her own. She can entertain herself well enough, and maybe some fresh air will clear her head of all the darkness from the last months.
But when she sees Josie at the cafe, she can’t help how her heart beats faster or how much she wants the other woman to hold her.

What starts as a shared meal at a cafe, followed by the first snow of the season, could turn into much more.
They lost their chance of being together when they spent the summers on the island as teens, but can they take it now that they’re adults?
Can they take the chance amid knee-high snow and Christmas decorations?

Reading order of Emily Engberts' stories

Here is a quick overview of all the books in Emily Engberts’ series with their release dates.


Seasons on the Island Series (Nov 2018 – March 2019)

  1. Second Chance at Christmas (26 Nov 2018)
  2. A Card for Valentine’s (5 Feb 2019)
  3. A Blooming Spring Love (28 March 2019)