E. Engberts (Author)

E. Engberts is a player of games, a lover of numbers and stats and a creator of words and worlds.
They spend most of their time writing in a variety of genres and any of the rare time left over they spend painting or playing Warhammer (that Ork Kill Team as a first army wasn’t the best choice…), playing FFXIV (cute cat girls, what else is there?) or Cities: Skylines (best city builder made in years!) or reading books (words need to go into the brain too, not just out).

Series by E. Engberts

BASE Status Series

This science fiction series starts with BASE Status: Online.

Helheim Fallen Online, the next generation VRMMORPG will be released on 2042-04-02!
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Willow’s life hasn’t been easy. She’s autistic, living in a community closed off from the rest of the world ‘for her own safety’, and the only way she gets to interact with anyone is by logging in to the BASE (Bioelectrical Augmented Synapse Enhancement) platform and play videogames.
Her life revolves around playing VRMMORPGs with her close friends and making a little extra money on the side by trading items in the games so that she can buy pizza or new games when they come out.

The game she’s saving up for right now? Helheim Fallen Online, a Norse mythology inspired game, said to be changing the landscape of gaming forever.
Only, there are rumours going around that some people who get the beta invite for the game are going missing. It’s just a rumour, until her best friend Violet wins one of the beta keys and disappears, all traces of her gone, like she was never even there.

Now Willow is fighting against the clock to not only find out where Violet went, but why more people are going missing every day, and the only way to do that is by illegally getting into Helheim Fallen Online, play the game, and expose whoever is making people disappear.
And, above all, make sure she doesn’t get caught in the meantime and disappears herself.
She has ten days to pull it off.

Reading order of E. Engberts' stories

Here is a quick overview of all the books in E. Engberts’ series with their release dates.


BASE Status Series (Oct 2018 – Hiatus)

  1. BASE Status: Online (31 Oct 2018)
  2. BASE Status: Update (Hiatus)

Other places you can find E. Engberts

E. Engberts can be found on other places on the web, not just this website. Here are a few of those places.


You can find an earlier draft of BASE Status: Online and the released chapters of BASE Status: Update on Royal Road, a website where you can read original fiction for free (scifi is big there).