New Year, New Style Giveaway 1!!

Today we're starting with the first of many giveaways to celebrate this redesign of my writing life!

If you want to know about the why and how of this redesign and giveaway, take a look at yesterday's post! New Year, New Style!

Enter below to win paperback copies of the three Young Adult books I released last year:

Her Elysium

The Other Dress

BASE Status: Online

The first two are romances and the last one is a science fiction novel. They all revolve around queer and neurodiverse characters who get into (and out of) a lot of trouble.


Here are the books you can win!

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WIP and Updates: New Year, New Style!

New Year, New Style, New Website!!

Yep, this thing is finally up and running!

I've been using the word ‘finally' a lot lately. I've finally published my new lesbian romance (A Card for Valentine's), even though I'd planned to publish it about two weeks ago. I've finally finished this website, even though I've been thinking about it and low-key planning it since last October or November (around the same time as I quit my Patreon).

The last couple of months have largely existed of high-pressure writing and editing (and publishing books in a variety of genres) and trying to take down-time to keep my mental health up (something that I'm not always that good at), and during all that, I knew that I needed to do this. Last year, I tried to do something similar to this on a Patreon, create a ‘hub' for all my publishing adventures, but that never clicked as well for me as just having a website with a blog, at least I know how to run and manage this. Though, some pages here are still a little rough, don't look too closely yet, I'll polish the edges in the coming months, having this ‘hub' in place and in working condition was the most important thing.

I do have a really cool announcement though, keep reading to find out more!


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NEW RELEASE! A Card for Valentine’s – Emily Engberts

A brand new teacher at the local primary school, a woman taking care of her mum’s book store, two hearts who believe that love and relationships aren’t for them.

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A brand new teacher at the local primary school, a woman taking care of her mum’s book store, two hearts who believe that love and relationships aren’t for them.

Kara moves to her favourite island following the job offer of a lifetime, become a teacher at the only primary school the island has. It’s like a dream come true, live on the island, go on long walks with her dog Tys and teach, all in one neat package.
But when she spots the beautiful woman at the local book store, things might get a bit more complicated.

Taking care of her mum’s store for a few months is exactly what Lin needs. A couple of months away from her old life and to become a face in the crowd at one of the island’s stores. Speaking fluently in three languages may not be her best skill, but keeping track of inventory and doing stock is definitely right up her street.
Her first week at the store has almost come to an uneventful ending, until a stunning woman walks into the store and smiles her way.

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and when Kara comes in for crafting supplies to make cards with her class, Lin makes a bold offer. How hard can it be to spend an afternoon making cards with a group of kids when she has no experience with teaching or making cards? There’s no way Kara will find out, right?


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